update and restart

You're still there! Hello, and thank you to all who left comments on my previous post. I really wasn't expecting anyone to still be reading, but since you are, maybe an update is order.

Life is good here at The Quince Tree. Everyone is well and happy.

Today in particular is a good day as we celebrate Katie's A level results. She'll be off to university in Bristol in four weeks. Tom will also be starting university in September. He has already moved into his digs here in Worcester, and George who graduated from the University of Hull in July is heading back there next week for a year's post-grad in teaching.

So, from the middle of September all of my children will have left home, albeit temporarily. I must say I am looking forward to it tremendously.  Friends tell me they either were or will be desolate when the last chick leaves the nest. I don't see that happening to me. I've never been sentimental about my children growing up. I am the only mother I know who failed to shed a single tear when her children started school. I seem to remember singing, and maybe skipping a little, on the walk back from dropping Katie off on her first day at school. Like the city I was born in my motto is 'forward'.

One lady told me she found her life lacked purpose when her children had left home which I found quite startling. Being a mother is important but it isn't your entire life. It isn't mine. I have imagination, resourcefulness, a liking for periods of solitude, a house full of unread books, an unfit body to get into shape, a tree full of quinces, plus a husband I look forward to seeing each evening and whose company I really enjoy. So, as long as they all remember to text or call once a week I'm good.



The Quince Tree in July

The Quince Tree in July
Last year the quince tree failed to fruit at all. No jelly, no pies, no delicious quince vodka, not even a single quince to ...
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