Cake and Flowers

Not for the first time I bring you cake and flowers. Daffodils and coconut buns. 

Coconut buns are a variation on old fashioned rock buns and dead easy to make. The recipe comes from my 1960 edition of The Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium which I wrote about here.

Coconut Buns

Makes 16-18

Rub together 12 oz self-raising flour and 6 oz butter.
Add a pinch of salt if you have used unsalted butter.
Stir in 6 oz sugar and 4 oz desiccated coconut.
Add one beaten egg and enough milk to make a stiff dough.
Put rocky lumps of dough on a greased or lined baking sheet. Don't put them too close together.
Optional -for the cherry on the cake add a cherry to each cake!

Bake for 12-15mins in a very hot oven -the recipe said 450ºF which is 230ºC , this was a bit too hot I thought, I suggest 220ºC (200º fan) and keep an eye on them.

Best eaten fresh and if your blog is six years old today you are allowed to eat six coconut buns.



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