Down By the Riverside

We have had some lovely sunny September weather in the last few days. Friday morning was particularly glorious and I took myself for a walk along the River Severn in Worcester. It's a lovely walk although the close proximity of Worcester sewage works makes part of it very pongy. These pictures were all taken with my phone.

Worcester Bridge

Swan flying too fast to photograph well with a phone

Diglis Bridge

Worcester Cathedral from Chapter Meadows

Bi-coloured tree in Chapter Meadows

Houses with a beautiful view

Worcester Cathedral



  1. Anonymous9:58 am BST

    Great photos Sue. I actually like the one with the swan & the bi-coloured tree!! We are edging towards Summer and today we had a hail storm. What the....... Sheridan in Queensland.

  2. Wonderful photos. Lovely to see so many colourful flowers still out. Thank you for brightening my Sunday morning.

  3. Particularly like the two bridge photos - fabulous. Cosmos are amazing aren't they, they just keep on looking wonderful and still with so many buds. Love their foliage. And that lovely September weather is just glorious today.

  4. Really missed reading your blog. The recipes and the pictures. What a lovely day out.

  5. Lovely photos, the river walk in Worcester is so pretty. We almost got locked in Worcester Cathedral one time.

  6. Beautiful photographs!

  7. What a beautiful place. It's so nice to see the River Severn a bit further upstream. I've never been to Worcester, but it looks well worth a visit. The Cathedral is magnificent. CJ xx

  8. Those meadow flowers look like early summer. How well they've lasted. I've spent all day cutting back dead stems and blackened seed heads.Very little still in flower.

  9. Hello again, I am so glad you are back. Lovely photos as usual.

  10. A beautiful walk in the sunshine. The last image reminded me of a picnic we had with the same view of Worcester cathedral when both children were under 3, over 20 years ago. Thank you for the memory and the delights of your walk. Sarah x

  11. Sue, what a beautiful day you picked for this walk. Thank you for showing lots of interesting sights around Worcester. One of these days I will visit the place myself, but until then I am so glad to have seen this post. All the reflective water pictures are marvelous, particularly the one with the swan.

    It's grand to have you back. I saw some quince while on a walk in Central Park today and, of course, thought of you. I wanted to take a photograph but couldn't figure out a manageable contortion to actually get a good photo op. Next time, perhaps. xo

  12. Lovely pictures. I'm glad to say we also had some good weather at the weekend and took ourselves off camping.

  13. Anonymous10:49 am BST

    Here's a little something to make you laugh next time you go that way - when my mum was heavily pregnant with my brother, she went fishing one Sunday with my dad and his dad in a little boat on the Severn. They were at Diglis, when her waters broke. My granddad, panicking, apparently rowed them back to the bank in record time. My mum however proceeded to be driven the twenty miles back to their home, calmly prepare Sunday evening supper and only then go off to hospital. I've never walked past Diglis lock without thinking of her - and my granddad!

    1. How strange, that is the second 'heavily pregnant' story about this spot that I have heard in as many days! The other one was not quite so dramatic but now I shall not be able to walk there without looking out for heavily pregnant women.

  14. Isn't it lovely to see Cosmos and Poppies still blooming?

  15. Anonymous2:19 am BST

    so pleased you are back!


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