I Love Not Camping ~ Last Day

Apart from quite a lot of cheese I am happy to report that I have dealt with all my leftovers. The vegetable drawer of the fridge contains just two onions and three lemons (or is it three onions and two lemons?). An uneaten cucumber has been sliced and salted prior to being made into pickles tomorrow. The bendy carrots and dry old leeks were made into stock and my on-the-turn milk was turned into chocolate ice lollies. Leftover cream will be whipped and spread between sponge cakes with jam for a belated birthday cake for George. 

Yesterday Tom and I ate this rather tasty Chinese style pork tenderloin, today we had burgers.

After the burgers I made a soufflé omelette. This is a dish I've been meaning to try for years. It's so easy and quick to make, perfect for two, less easy to execute for more.

Soufflé Omelette
For 2 people

Pre-heat the grill.

Take 3 eggs and separate them.
Beat the whites until stiff.
Whisk the yolks with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar until creamy.
Fold the whites into the yolks.
Heat a thick slice of butter in a small frying pan or omelette pan. When it foams pour in the eggs and spread them out. Let it cook for a few minutes until brown and set on the bottom. Put the pan under the grill for about 30 seconds to set the top. I cover the handle of my frying pan with foil to do this.
Spoon some blobs of jam along the middle of the omelette, I used apricot. Fold it over and cut in two.

Add 2 tablespoons of alcohol such as Grand Marnier, rum or brandy to the yolks. I added a drop of vanilla extract as Tom isn't keen on spirits.

They return tomorrow and I shall be glad to see them and also glad to get back to plainer fare. Thank you so much for joining me Not Camping this year, join me again around the same time next year for more hedonism and sloth.

Now, I've finished my Sherlockfest, what shall I watch tonight?



  1. glad you enjoyed your break, Love the tin foil tip, never thought of that.

  2. Gosh, that went quickly! Did they used to camp for longer or is time passing more quickly as I age?

    The soufflé omelette looks delicious ... definitely something I'd like to try too.

    1. Yes, just a week this year, past years have been up to ten days, but yes time is passing more quickly too!

  3. The souffle omelette looks good, I think it would be popular round here too. I'm a bit obsessed with Greek yoghurt with lemon curd stirred into at the moment - just thinking about your leftover lemons. I used to eat the yoghurt plain, but one day I tried lemon curd. Other half commented that it was a slippery slope - he was right, it would be hard to go back to having it plain now. Glad you've had a good week, no doubt you've missed them though. Have a good weekend Sue, once you've got through the laundry.

  4. Just read and enjoyed all your Not Camping posts. Great idea.

  5. Sue, after seeing this post, I had a flash of a souffle omelette memory and got set to write you a comment. Then the phone rang, and a dear NYC friend and I had a long, long catch up call. Then it was time for me to cook supper.

    Yes, I used some of the inspiration from you and Tamar Adler, to cook some chicken thighs, sauteed in butter and olive oil, with various fresh herb added along with carrots and mushrooms added just before I put the lid on the saute pan. When all was done, I removed it all to another container, and deglazed the pan with wine, returned the chicken to the pan and turned it over a few times. Then that part of supper was done...with enough chicken ready to see me through the weekend into next week.

    Alongside tonight's chicken, carrot and mushroom serving, I filled my plate with lots of beautiful lollo rosso lettuce in a mustard vinagrette, and some little new potatoes and thin fresh green beans (with butter and parsley.)

    But...that's not what I was fixing to comment when the phone rang. I wanted to write that your post released a memory of a BBC televised Lord Peter Wimsey show from long ago, starring Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter. The story's plot featured a dessert omelette with jam, that had to be the cousin of your very own souffle omelette. When I saw that tv show decades ago, I had no idea that an omelette could be served as a dessert. Now I really understand the story, and want to make one of these omelettes myself.

    Best wishes to you and yours as your menus revert (or return) to normal. xo

    1. That sounds absolutely delicious Frances. now I want chicken thighs for breakfast.

    2. Thanks, Sue. Maybe you could find that old BBC tv program for afters.


  6. It's only 9.50 in the morning but all I want to do is sink my teeth into that burger. Wow. But the omlette will do too :-)
    Happy reunion with your campers xxx

  7. We finished the last episode of State of Play last night, having never heard of it before.
    Six episodes were shown over two nights last week. A political thriller made in 2003, it was very good, with David Morrissey, Bill Nighy and John Simm. It's bound to be repeated sometime and well worth recording to avoid the commercials.
    Sorry this doesn't help for tonight, but the film Birdsong later sounds promising.

    1. I have the box set Niki, love it, such a fantastic cast. I did think of it but I watched fairly recently. I ended up watching Usain Bolt and then channel hopping.

  8. Hope the camping went well - you'll all have a lot to catch up on.

  9. Anonymous10:21 am BST

    Will be back for next year's odyssey. Enjoy the return to normalcy. Sheridan

  10. Sue, I have to say how much I've enjoyed your Not Camping posts. I've just sat here and read them all and they are interesting, inspiring and funny. I wish my husband and children liked camping so I can Not Camp too. x

  11. It seems to be over very soon; I have enjoyed it, thank you Sue.


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