In My Kitchen

Some of the food happenings in my kitchen during the last week.

~Sliced tomatoes.

~The bottom layer of a layered salad -peas, spring onions and toasted seeds.

~ Layered salad. Made to use up a lot of leftover sweetcorn. After the pea and seed layer there is lettuce,  then sweetcorn, more spring onions and seeds and then grated cheese and crisp bacon.

~ We ate the layered salad with potato salad.

~ A tray of cooked chickpeas waiting to go in the freezer. This is most of a whole 500g bag of dried chickpeas which I soaked and cooked in one go. Once they were frozen I gathered them all into a bag and put them back in the freezer. Some weren't frozen but used for a chickpea curry which I forgot to photograph.

~ Adding dried cranberries to a batch of granola.

~ Friday night was pizza night.

~ followed by raspberries and cream.

~ The apricots and peaches I bought on Monday were going soft. I sliced them up for a galette.

~ A galette, rustic tart, free-form pie -call it what you will, it's pastry topped with fruit, sprinkled with a little sugar, the edges of the pastry turned up to stop the fruit sliding off. I sprinkled a couple of spoonfuls of ground almonds under the fruit to soak up the juices. Baked at 200°c (180°c fan oven) for 45 minutes.

~ We ate it with homemade vanilla ice cream.

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  1. Everything equally delicious, as always. And that fruit tart is precisely the thing I feel like making today.

  2. Rainbow salad! I need to make that. As usual it all looks delicious Sue. X

  3. Oh my, it all looks delicious, particularly the galette.

  4. Anonymous5:23 pm BST

    Hello Sue, This all looks fantastic. I have had a day in the kitchen making nectarine galette, coffee cream cake and spaghetti with pea and mint pesto. Thank you so much for your continued inspiration.Helen

  5. I think toasted seeds make every salad better. The galette is really beautiful.

  6. Could quite fancy a slice of that apricot and peach galette right now!

  7. The idea of cooked apricots has me salivating.

  8. Love a gallette, so quick and easy, we had an Apple one today using up the fruit bowl.....Love the colours of your food, enticing you to dig in x

  9. Dear Sue everything looks so delicious and inspiring. More importantly made by scratch and with lots of love :) Thanks for sharing

  10. Hi Sue, I have been a fan of your food photography for a little while now - I find it hard to get good images of food, but have set myself a challenge to improve this skill. I cook from scratch too and think that gallette looks divine! Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. Oh poo, I wrote a lengthy comment here & now it has gone! Hey ho, was all about the fact I am still going strong with your no knead bread recipe! x

  12. Anonymous6:22 pm BST

    What a fantastic selection of dishes! May I come to live at your house, please?

    Tasha T

  13. You always make me feel soooooo hungry. I love the layered salad.

    Nina x

  14. Oh this post made me hungry! I will have to put together something like your salad. Mmmm!

  15. What a wonderful assortment of delicious looking dishes! I can't help but feel that if Pavlov had had access to your blog, he wouldn't have had to bother with ringing all those bells all the time....


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