I Love Not Camping ~ Days Two and Three

~  Had pain au chocolat and coffee for breakfast.
~ Did a little ironing.
~ Wrote a blog post.
~ Made a croque monsieur for my lunch followed it with a drippingly ripe nectarine.
~  Picked up Tom from his friend's.
 ~ Poured myself a G&T and made salt and pepper squid  for supper. It's one of Tom's favourite meals and a Not Camping favourite of mine and much easier to cook for two people rather than five.
~ Drank some pinot grigio and watched more Sherlock.

~ Coffee and pain au chocolat for breakfast again.
~ Had a phone call from my Pilates teacher cancelling the class. Tried not to sound too pleased.
~ Did a happy a dance singing 'no pilates, no pilates'. I never regret doing my class, really I don't. I love how it makes me feel, my classmates and teacher are all lovely and we have a lot of fun together, but I still can't help seeing any kind of exercise as a chore and having no class this week just added to my holiday mood.
~ Drove to Waitrose and bought 3 trout, lamb steaks, mince, chicken breasts, cantaloupe melon, Roquefort, Brie, blood orange juice and more wine.
~ Called at the farm shop for tomatoes, green beans, lettuce and strawberries.
~ Had a lunch of toast and paté.
~ Mowed the lawn.
~ Cooked the trout with butter, rosemary and white wine. Allowed it to cool before taking off the heads, tails and skin.
~ At half past five my dad arrived bearing a huge bunch of sweet peas from my mum. They smell glorious.
~We ate the trout with tiny new potatoes and green beans and followed it with strawberries and cantaloupe.
~ After supper dad took me to Worcester Cathedral* to hear Mahler's 2nd Symphony. Bloody marvellous.
~ On the way back to the car park dad realises he hasn't got his car key. We head back into the cathedral where fortunately it is found by a very nice young man in a red cassock. We had been sitting right on the back row of tiered seats. We must have been ten foot above the ground and dad had hung his jacket on the back of  his seat and the key had dropped out of his pocket down onto the stone floor below.
~ Back in the car park. The car doesn't start. Dad calls Green Flag (breakdown cover) who say they will be with him in an hour.
~I call home to tell Tom we will be late. No answer. I know he probably can't hear the phone ringing because he has his headphones on, but I am now anxious to get home.
~ I get a taxi home leaving my poor old dad to wait for the breakdown people.
~ Once home Tom tells me the phone was ringing for ages.
~ I drink half a bottle of wine very quickly. Mum rings me to say that the breakdown people are bringing dad and his car back to Birmingham. Apparently the car wouldn't start because the key had been damaged by its fall in the cathedral. Cars used to be a lot simpler didn't they?

 Dad got home to Birmingham safely if rather later than anticipated having had a mostly very enjoyable evening. He does love Mahler. This evening I plan on staying put in front of more Sherlock.

* Worcester is hosting the Three Choirs Festival this year.



  1. Glad your dad got home safe and sound hope the repair was not expensive. Had you told your son not to answer the door or phone for his safety........? Like not taking to strangers........
    You menus sound great.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Well I did tell him that about four years ago, but he's 17 now and I assumed he'd realised that such precautions weren't really necessary any more. I think he expected me to ring his mobile but I hadn't taken my phone with me (with his number stored on it) and was using my dad's phone.

  2. I love Sherlock - have the DVDs and watch them when I need a Sherlock fix. You're right about cars - they really did used to be much simpler. Anyway, I'm glad your dad got home safely. I laughed about the Pilates class - that is exactly what my reaction would have been to being told the class was off!

  3. I know what you mean about Pilates. I haven't been for three weeks for perfectly genuine reasons but must go tomorrow otherwise I see it slipping out of my life forever ( like the running) and that would be a very bad thing. I hope your dad has a spare key they can be awfully expensive to replace.

    1. I agree about pilates having to be kept up. I will notice next week that I have missed a class. Dad does have a spare key but it doesn't lock the car properly.Sigh.

  4. oh dear, not a relaxing end to the evening. thank heaven for breakdown cover at least. x
    our children never answer the phone ( I didn't encourage them when I was younger as I was always hugely frustrated if I rang a friend and their toddler picked up and then wandered off and never gave the phone to the parent........)
    if I am out and need to contact them I have taken to leaving messages that say "its MUM!" answer the phone...................... sometimes that works.

  5. Hopefully your day today will be a bit less eventful than last night! So glad everyone was safe. xx

  6. Anonymous2:11 pm BST

    My daughter ,late teens,never answers the land line when home alone "in case its grandma and she wants to talk!"

  7. I generally ignore a ringing phone. And a knocked-on front door (particularly when the person knocks on it unnecessarily loudly - that annoys me no end as I hate being given a fright).
    Friends and family know to come round to the back door.
    Oh, and I really would like some blood orange juice...
    P.S. Congrats on the cancelled pilates.

    1. I only ever answer the door to people I know or who look proper official. Anyone with a clipboard, leaflets or a bible gets ignored.

  8. I'm glad your dad got home safely. I know exactly what you mean about exercising. For me, the less it seems like "working out" the more likely I am to stick with it.

  9. Anonymous4:05 pm BST

    Glad you survived the Mahler even if it turned out more eventful than expected.

    I have the same attitude problem with yoga - I love it when I'm doing it, miss it like mad if I can't go, and always feel pleased to have been to my class, but sometimes the mental battle to actually get there is enormous.

  10. I love Sherlock, I'm really don't like squid so I would have double helpings of Sherlock instead. Happy non camping x

  11. Sue, just before reading this post, I also had a croque monsieur for my lunch. Sorry to report that Cheerios, not pain au chocolat. Workers are still drilling away on the facades of my apartment building. Not exciting at all, but just to commiserate with you about how somethings are smooth even when one is not camping.

    That concert must have been terrific. Worth the transport hiccup afterwards.

    The sweetpeas are very beautiful. xo

  12. 'Phone ringing for ages', priceless.

  13. I really do love the not camping posts! We always wait for the answerphone to start for phone calls...saves on it ringing for ages!

  14. What is it with car keys nowadays? We had to call the AA when the car wouldn't start and it turned out to be they key. No-one could copy our remaining car key. Apparently it doesn't work like that any more. I kept saying, "But can't you just cut me another one???" I ended up down a back alley having a conversation with an oil stained bloke who kept telling me that his equipment cost thirty thousand pounds and that was why he was the only one who could do it. It cost about a hundred pounds. FOR A KEY. Sorry, didn't mean to go off on one, it just all came screaming back. But otherwise it sounds like Not Camping is still a winner. Tom's comment made me laugh out loud. I'm guessing it didn't you though. CJ xx

  15. Anonymous4:18 am BST

    Reads like a script for a sit com. Funny and sad at once. It is wonderful you were able to enjoy dinner and the concert with your father. I have fleeting memories of events I saw with my father. I think I appreciate them more now than then.

  16. Glad it turned out to be just the key not the car that had a problem and you both got home safely. Son not answering phone is a classic! Been there with mine when he was younger! :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your week not camping. Best wishes, Pj x

  17. I am so enjoying your I Love Not Camping series - it makes me chuckle and drool at the same time!

  18. Anonymous9:44 am BST

    I love Boys and lovely fathers who take daughters to concerts and beautiful Sweet Peas (one of my all time favourite smells) and time to enjoy. Carry on!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheridan


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