Just Now I Am.......

Smelling the roses. My garden roses are looking gorgeous, and the wild dog roses in the hedgerows are particularly beautiful this year.

Reading for the second time An Everlasting Meal: Cooking With Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler  which I mentioned in this post. Getting inspired all over again.

Making vegetable stock from the woody ends of asparagus, broccoli peelings, parsley stalks,  a carrot and an onion. Inspired by Tamar.

Eating pasta frittata, brilliant meal-out-of-nothing. Inspired by Tamar.

Baking bread, lots of bread.

Glad that I have got my blogging mojo back.

Grateful for all your comments and support, thank you!

Following on Instagram girleatsworld -completely brilliant idea for an instagram feed. Also Samantha Lee's fantastic food art -love Marge Simpson with her blueberry hair.

Enjoying on Pinterest this fun board by Molly Yeh, this seasonal board by Annie, and this one and many more by Buttercup Meadow.

Who else should I be following on Instagram and Pinterest? 



  1. I fear if I enter the world of Pinterest I may never return. Instagram is an excellent place but I don't give it the attention it deserves. I'm ill-equipped to recommend anyone as I'm only just exploring it myself!

    How your roses and my roses are cheering me. I never thought I'd write such a sentence, even 5 years ago. If this is middle age then it smells bleedin' wonderful and I'm happy I've arrived.

  2. Roses! Your roses are so beautiful. And thank you for mentioning the baking; it has reminded me that I'm out of bread soda... a catastrophe that must be remedied immediately.

    Slán go fóill,

  3. Sue, seeing your pretty sun-lit roses has made me smile. I'm imagining their scents, too!

    Thank you for the recommendation of Tamar Adler's book. I'm happy to report that my library has a copy in its stacks, so I look forward to checking it out and finding more inspiration for my kitchen activities.


  4. I tried reading Tamar Adler's book. I guess it's proof that I'm not a cook at heart. I found the first part of the book very inspiring. But as I got further and further into it, it just started sounding more and more pretentious. Sorry. But then, that's one of the reasons I love your blog. You never sound pretentious.

    1. I agree with you Kari, she does have quite a precious writing style and to be honest that isn't what I love about the book, it's the ideas and inspiration.

  5. Pati from London8:40 pm BST

    glad you got your mojo back.... Pati x

  6. Lovely roses, life sounds good with you. CJ xx

  7. Anonymous2:57 am BST

    Just now I, along with others, am glad you got your mojo back. Enjoyed this, as always.

  8. Such beautiful roses. We have none in the garden and I always feel bereft in June.

  9. oh those buttercup meadow pinterest boards......
    our roses are just starting to come, I am waiting impatiently x


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