Bluebell Wood

All this is half a mile from my house. How lucky am I?
The little white flowers are wood anenomes.

Thank you for all your comments on my last post about teaching my reluctant teens to cook. As many pointed out they will not starve at university and if they want to learn to cook properly then they can. Meanwhile I shall teach Katie to cook because she wants to learn.


  1. What wonderful photographs - our anemones are fully out but the bluebells are barely in bud here (west of Scotland). I too feel so lucky to have this on my doorstep.

  2. Good Morning! You are indeed a lucky lady living so near to those woods. There is something very magical about walking through a carpet of blue, especially if the sun is shing and the sky matches the ground. Ax

  3. Very lucky indeed, Sue. Beautiful pictures. x

  4. Dear Sue
    Beautiful images. In my opinion, there is nowhere in the world that can beat an English Spring, particularly in a Bluebell wood.
    Happy Easter
    Best wishes

  5. I shall be off in search of one this weekend. Great pictures. I can never capture that deep blue haze without it looking washed out. The scent is unmatchable too, although I have tried the famous one - Penhaligon's or is it Floris as in 'I Capture the Castle'?

    1. I'd love to try some Penhaligon's but soooo expensive.

      I have my camera's picture style set on landscape which automatically emphasises blues and greens -perfect for such things as bluebell woods.

  6. We found a bluebell wood just the other day but its nowhere near as far on as yours so we will be going back not this weekend but next. I'll take heed of your tip for landscape too.... Happy Easter :-0

  7. I have a similar wood about five miles away from here. We went there this week. The Bluebells were beautiful, as were the Celendines and Wood Anenomes. There were Red Admirals coasting through the forest. It was magical.
    Leanne xx

  8. The bluebells in the Lake District weren't even close to flowering last weekend

  9. Beautiful bluebells. And now I know what the little white flowers are - I've always wondered (but never got around to looking them up).
    Hope you have a lovely Easter and more visits to those woods.

  10. This is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it? Gorgeous photos...
    We went to Whole Foods in Cheltenham today, after reading about it here ages ago. Thanks so much for the recommendation, we loved it, came home laden with treats for the holiday weekend.
    Jo x

  11. Gorgeous! The woods here are more like a mile and a half away, but the water meadows are half a mile and although different can be equally beautiful.

  12. Lovely photos, it looks like a beautiful place to visit, you Blubells are much further on than ours in Yorkshire...

  13. I love wood anemones, haven't seen any round here unfortunately. I did see bluebells tonight, whilst puffing along by the stream after boys on scooters (I'm not a runner, I felt a bit peculiar afterwards). Your photos are absolutely lovely, especially the butterfly. I can never capture them, I think they see me coming.

  14. Sue, you are very lucky! I would want to take quite a few walks in those woods while the sweet bluebells are in bloom. Thank you so much for taking the rest of us along with you to this beautiful place.

    Just now I also found time to read your prior post about teenagers and cooking. What memories you brought back to me. My Mom was the ruler of her kitchen, but she did allow me to learn a little bit about cookie baking.

    My college (university) years were in a luxurious past time when we actually dined three meals a day in dining rooms in our residence buildings, served well made meals by fellow students on scholarships. It really didn't seem upstairs/downstairs to me then...I wondered how it was that I wasn't there on a scholarship.

    Anyhow, it wasn't until I graduated, moved to New York and had my own first apartment living experience that I really learned to cook. I still look forward to time in the kitchen, wishing that my current kitchen might be a bit larger, but still like shopping for fresh ingredients, finding new recipes (like those I find on your site) and always wishing for more time to devote to more elaborate dishes and more baking.

    How is it that I used to find such time...might be down to the pre-internet years!


  15. Your Bluebells are a little ahead of ours in the south, I'm certainly going to head out again today to see if they've advanced from Wednesday when the buds were just peeping. Beautiful photos as always.

  16. OOh. I do love a bluebell wood.

  17. Beautiful! We went to the woods the other day to see the Bluebells but couldn't find many, think we must have been looking in the wrong place though!

  18. Oh Sue, you capture flowers so beautifully. This is the stuff of my childhood books. In those days they were always English. It seemed to me there were always picnics happening amongst daffodils and bluebells, with delicious cakes and jellies and icecream cake. I was so influenced by them I requested an icecream cake for my tenth birthday cake, and luckily my dream came true.

  19. Yes you are lucky! I'm often struck by the difference a hundred miles can make in the way seasons behave - my bluebells in the garden are just coming up, whereas yours are in full bloom. When I was a child we'd go to our bluebell wood, on the hants/west Sussex border and I always thought it was a magical place. Beautiful photos. X

  20. These are lovely pictures, and you are lucky, indeed. And so are we, because you shared them with us! Happy Easter to you and yours! I've been away from your site for a while, and am now eagerly looking forward to catching up on posts I've missed.

    Gigi :o)

  21. I have discovered Blue Bell woods last year in May while visiting some of Kent's gardens. It has been a wonderful experience that we have renewed this year...


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