Smoked Haddock, Leeks, Cheddar and Cream

There was also crusty white bread which we ate with these lovely ingredients and which I forgot to photograph.

A chowder-like soup with cubes of potato added was a possibility but I made something similar not long ago and didn't feel like it again. I thought too of making a tart but I had a craving for a creamy, cheesy sauce to scoop up with my crusty bread so I simply put leeks which had been cooked briefly in a little water* in a baking dish and topped them with the haddock which I had cooked in milk, and then made cheese sauce with the haddocky milk, the cheddar and a little cream. I poured the sauce over the haddock and leeks and put it in the oven to brown.

It was very good.

Variations on a theme

Replace the leeks with wilted spinach. Or mushrooms.
Replace the smoked haddock with another smoked fish.
Replace the fish with cooked chicken, ham or bacon.
For a vegetarian version crack eggs onto the leeks. These will only take a few minutes to set so keep your eye on them.
Forget the bread and spread the leeks and haddock over mashed potato before topping with the cheese sauce.
Serve with baked spuds instead of bread.
Top with ready made puff pastry or roll out shortcrust and line a tart tin, bake it blind before filling with the haddock, leeks and cheese sauce.
Top with a scone crust to make a savoury cobbler.
Cook pasta, mix with the leeks and haddock before stirring in the sauce and baking.

*I froze the water I cooked the leeks in for future soup.


  1. Sounds absolutely delicious! Smoked haddock is my favourite kind of fish. Also loving the sound of all the other options listed too. Hope you have a very lovely weekend :O)x

  2. Bingo! Got the leeks & some cooked chicken, cream & some home grown spinach. That's dinner sorted, thank you!

  3. Anonymous5:10 pm GMT

    Looks flipping gorgeous! And just love that you froze the leek water for future stock - often kept back veg water for stock myself, but never thought of freezing small amounts for later (Duh!!). That's why I love blogs like yours - get so many good ideas.

    Kim (chris.daltrey@hotmail.co.uk)

  4. Sue I know that others have said it before, but you REALLY SHOULD write a cook book, so many people would buy it and more importantly so many people would love your food!!!! xx

  5. That looks delicious. Just the thing for a damp January night and we have lots of leeks on our allotment.

  6. Anything with smoked Haddock in it must be good.

  7. Oh you are on form with that one! I was just thinking "mushrooms" as I read the recipe and there you have thrown in a whole load of suggestions free, gratis and for nothing. I just Leeeerrrrve leeks!

  8. Anonymous8:21 pm GMT

    Thank you! Another supper sorted.

  9. It looks good. My fish-loving son has requested fish for tea tomorrow, so I might make a variation of this. And thank you for including a vegetarian suggestion Sue.

  10. Yum. I love food like this so much - comforting and simple but totally delicious. x

  11. Hmm, lovely ideas (esp the veggie, for me) Jen

  12. this reminded me of a scene many, many years ago on Coronation Street -Deirdre had cooked Ken haddock for his tea and asked him if he wanted an egg on top...I think while she was having a fag...I laughed myself silly as I was completely unaware this is how some people serve haddock... given the the choice I'll go with yours;-)

  13. Sounds delicious -will definitely be trying it.

  14. Oh.......smoked haddock.......I LONG for smoked haddock! In fact I think I'm getting a bit obsessed :-( i have recently been thrilled (to the astonishment of the supermarket fishmonger) to find smoked Hoki. If I close my eyes I can pretend its haddock. Smoky and chunky it's rather lovely in a pie or a chowder.

  15. Anonymous10:15 am GMT

    In 1998 I was last in England for a week of teddybearhunting with a whole bus full of Dutch enthousiasts. We stayed in the Royal Albert in Brighton and the food was delicious. We had then the fortune of having an Englisch breakfast, I think nowadays that would be French: coffee and croissants and thats it. I immediately became a fan of English breakfast, I lovewd all the choices and in that week I certainly ate every choice offered, including the various smoked haddock offerings, including the curried dish I have forgotten the name. Since then I regret we have not that nice, slightly yellowy smoked haddock in fishshops over here, because with all the other smoked fish varieties it tastes quite different. I loved the warm tomatoes, the kedgeree, the eggs with bacon and sausages, which the others turned a bling eye to. I loved the breadsauce too, which all the others totally avoided, not realising the bread in it was used instead of flour. (Over here children were often fed old breadchinks dunked in hot milk as breakfast, yuck, I think they thought breadsauce resembled that). Now, I make sometimes English dishes like I ate in brighton and that is when I really miss your delicious, wonderfull and unique smoked haddock. I think English people do not realise how fortunate they are to have this fish available. With all the smoked kinds of fish available in the Netherlands, I wish I could buy that typical taste over here. Now I am goint to put a broiling chicken in the Römertopf in the oven, cooks out all the fat, so the skin can stay on. I recently thrifted a never used smallish Römertopf, which I will reserve for fishdishes only, I hate it when the fish goes dry in it seems like seconds over the fire, the Rt (google it) will prevent that. (I just do not like mint in cookery, must be my Dutch self, although we have delicious mint sweets oer here).Reina

    1. English breakfasts are the best! They also make a good evening meal.


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