December Posy for Saint Nicholas' Day

Katie's Advent calendar

My Advent calendar

Saint Nicholas deserves a posy of red and white does he not? Berries and holly strike the right seasonal note I think.

As well as being the patron saint of children, pawnbrokers, barrel makers, fishermen (surely that should be St Peter?) and stocking-fillers St Nick is the patron saint of bakers. Never one to pass up an excuse for cake I thought I'd better bake something.

This cinnamon roll cake was really way too gooey and sweet. I ditched the sugary glaze and reduced the cinnamon filling by half.

I decided that while I was melting the butter for the cake batter I'd melt the butter for the filling too rather than use softened butter. This meant I had a liquid cinnamon filling which I poured over the cake batter in the tin. I swirled it around with a spoon before baking for 40 minutes. The result was moist but decidedly not gooey, spiced with cinnamon but not so much you feel like you're eating one of those sickly Christmas candles and sweet but not tooth-achingly so.

I just wish I'd remembered to add the chopped pecans. Oh well, I shall have to make another one.

To make this cake as I have done here follow the recipe in this post but use the following quantities for the cinnamon filling -

4 oz melted butter
1 tablespoon flour
1½ teaspoons cinnamon
3½ oz dark brown sugar

Mix the filling ingredients together and pour over cake batter in the tin swirling it around with a spoon or spatula.

Happy Saint Nicholas' Day!



  1. Ooo! I love anything with cinnamon. It looks and sounds delicious.

  2. I made this after your last post and my family quickly declared the best thing I've ever baked! Whenever they get to choose they always request this cake - I'm sure they'd fervently shake your hand, should they get the opportunity...
    Jo x

  3. Your December posy is just right for the season Sue! Happy Saint Nicholas day to you. xx

  4. Love the posy. And d'you know. I think I'd leave the pecans out too.....

  5. I have the same lovely Advent calendar which I bring out every year. And every year the pictures behind the window are a surprise. .

  6. In your photos of the posy I recognise the holly leaves but what are the white things? Are all the red bits holly berries?

    1. Actually none of the red berries are holly berries. They are rose hips, hawthorn berries and bryony. The white berries are, as, Magic Bean says below snow berries or symphoricarpos. I found all the berries in the hedgerows but the holly sprigs are from my garden.

  7. Did you find chocolate or a potato from St Nick?
    I love those white berries (snowberries?) and the advent calendars.
    Happy St Nicholas Day to you too Ax

  8. Love how you linked it all to a cake. Beautiful berries, I love the red, white and dark green combination at this time of year.

    1. Everything must lead to cake CJ.

  9. Oh Sue, when am I going to find the time to make this delicious cake? I will find the time! Happy, if a little belated, St Nick's day to you. I had the pleasure of chatting with some of my work colleagues today about their European childhood memories of December 6. The memories were beautiful, very sweet, and my eyes did feel a bit moist, as I listened.


  10. Love your posy, it is definitely Christmassy... I don't think I've ever seen those white berries before... and that cake....mmm.... I could eat a piece now with a cup of tea! Pati x

  11. That sounds delicious. I can almost imagine I can smell it (but I guess that could be my Christmas cake in the oven)

  12. That honestly looks absolutely scrumptious! And yes, I know I always say that!


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