Small Delights: Big Delight

First the small

My cd bird scarers simultaneously protecting my currant bushes and painting them with rainbows.

Selfheal spreading all over my lawn.

Swelling quinces.

A beaded dish cover drying on the washing line.

Z├ęphirine Drouhin

Cherries from two miles away.


And now the big.

Andy Murray celebrates winning the final of Wimbledon 2013 with the trophy

(click on the image for the source)

And of course the gorgeous weather.


  1. What a rainbow of delights! I have to say our cd bird scarers most usually drive me crazy because they catch my eye when they glint all the time if I'm in the kitchen or my sewing room which both face the garden.

    I love Zephyrin Drouhin roses too, and have them in the back and on our front door trellis - absolutely gorgeous perfume.

    I'm pleased he won. But even more pleased (dare I say it? ) that it's all over for another year!

  2. Cracking images, especially the second one. Self-heal is prolific this year, such a cheery little plant.

  3. Lovely colours - my favourite rose too. I have it by the front door so I can appreciate the scent and colour every time I walk by. Fantastic tennis - I'm on holiday - but stayed glued to the TV A fantastic win. :)

  4. My lawn is blue with Selfheal and buzzing with bees its a shame to have to lawn.
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Lovely pictures as usual Sue :)
    And as for the tennis?! Wow what a match, I was shouting at the TV at one point!

  6. I was watching between jobs - scared to sit down but scared to leave the tv. I suggested putting the champagne on ice then thought it might jinx him, then thought ' Have a bit of faith, girl' and did it anyway. So we raised a glass to 'our Andy' after a superb match.

  7. Loved your photos - great variety! I hadn't seen CDs used in this way till my recent weekend in Paris, when I noticed one in the garden of my elder daughter's flat. Re: tennis. I couldn't bear to watch all the time, and relied on son+heir to call me every time things got interesting. Meanwhile I folded washing, as that helped counter the excitement!

  8. zepherine drouhin are my absoulte favourite rose in the garden (I love old dutch in a vase).

    Not only did he win but what a fantastic match - such great tennis from them both, every point a nail biter

  9. That photo of the beaded dish cover on the line is absolutely beautiful. It's radiant. Your small delights are very similar to mine lately, and yes, the tennis yesterday was AMAZING - even though I had to keep leaving the room when it got tense. I'm so pleased Murray won. And long may the hot weather continue, I love it. x

  10. Congratulations on the Wimbledon win. I didn't watch any of it as I find tennis as exciting to watch as paint drying, but apparently I missed an exciting match. Also, glad to see the CDs work for you. We tried them in our cherry tree, but the starlings just laugh at them. I hope the nice weather continues for you. It's been stinking hot here, but I'm trying not to complain after it poured all May and June.

  11. beautiful pictures Sue, that dish cover looks just stunning. I am sure it is stunning but I think you have a wonderful eye for photography that just makes things look fantastic.

  12. Beautiful photos as usual. I love the beaded dish cover. My gran used to crochet her own for the milk jug and sugar bowl. Can I ask where you got it from? xx

    1. Of course you can ;) It's from Lakeland

    2. I've been delighting in my Lakeland beaded cover on my glass water jug too, ever since I got it a few weeks ago! But like Life@No.38, pretty sure that my great grannies made their own.

  13. I love the photo of the dish cover...

  14. Loving the small delights, but yes, that big delight was super delightful :D

  15. Anonymous3:25 pm BST

    I've had my head down for several weeks now in that final sprint before the school holidays start. But today I've given myself time off for good behaviour, and I have just had a delightful time catching up on your blog posts - bowls of purest green are now on my to do list. I will also check out the colour collaborative.

  16. Hurray for summer! I must remember to hang some old cds up in my new nursery playground in September. I love the rainbows they cast. Perfect for inspiring little ones.
    And a BIG hurrah for Murray! Brilliant! x

  17. Lovely pics as usual Sue. As you can imagine, I was gutted when Nadal
    lost his opportunity at Wimbledon this year but must admit that I have a soft spot for Andy and was delighted to see him win. He deserved it!!! Pati x

  18. Anonymous10:56 am BST

    I am a bit slow Sue, but what a fantastic win. Oh how I love your flowers, they always make my heart sing.


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