The Colour Collaborative : June ~ Purest Green

'What's your favourite colour?' children ask. Charlie always used to say without hesitation 'purple'. It isn't, he hasn't got a favourite colour, but it's an answer that satisfies small children, daddy's favourite colour is purple, no arguments. Actually to Charlie purple can be any colour from damson to claret to raspberry. 
My favourite colour? It's damson, claret, raspberry, lemon, toffee, cream, salmon, coffee, gooseberry, toast, butter, chocolate, quince, pea, pomegranate, burnt sausage. It's whatever colour I'm eating or drinking. For me cooking is as visually creative as painting a picture. I play with colours as much as any artist.
Of course with cooking it's much more than colour, there is texture, smell and taste to consider too, and while I think artist is a perfectly valid description of someone who creates in the kitchen I think alchemist is a better one.

I too have made Purest Green.

A soup of green ingredients. Lettuce, spinach, mint and frozen peas.
I cooked some onion gently in butter first and then added the lettuce which wilted fast and turned brown. I threw in the spinach, mint and peas and stirred them around a bit to get soft and buttery before adding some homemade stock (chicken or ham -can't remember which).

Next, the fun bit, blending the ingredients and seeing exactly what shade of green I'd made. A deep, dark velvety green. I presented my family with bowls of Purest Green. They weren't that keen to be honest. I shouldn't have told them there was spinach in it. But never mind them, take it from me Purest Green tastes delicious.

I love the frozen pea. There are fresh English peas in the pod available at the moment but unless they are actually growing in your back garden I think the frozen variety is better. So useful, so well-liked, so convenient, so very green.

I use them to make this main dish salad based on an American recipe for 'greens 'n peas 'n cheese salad'.

Composing a salad is as much fun as blending a soup. This time however you are arranging colours rather than mixing them. Layers of torn salad greens and cooked peas are alternated with sliced white spring onions (scallions) and grated cheese. The original recipe also has a layer of mayonnaise spread over the greens but I prefer less of it and served on the side. To finish off the layers of green and yellow-white stripes I add a generous sprinkle of crisp bacon. The bacon provides a contrast in colour, texture and taste, also my children eat anything that has bacon in it. Toasted seeds or nuts can stand in for bacon if you don't eat meat.

Sometimes blending or contrasting colours is unnecessary. Sometimes simple is best.

Local broad beans (frozen are good too) and asparagus.

Boiled until tender, tossed together with a handful of cooked frozen peas and dressed with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper.

A salad of Purest Green.

What is The Colour Collaborative?
All creative bloggers make stuff, gather stuff, shape stuff, and share stuff. Mostly they do that as individuals but what happens when they work together? Is a creative collaboration greater than the sum of its parts? We think so and we hope you will too.
We're starting small, with just five members for now, each offering their own monthly take on a colour related theme. And we're hoping that in combination our ideas will encourage us, and perhaps you, to think about colour in new ways. That's why we're each recommending that our readers visit the other Colour Collaborative's posts, we think you'll like what you find there.

Annie at Knitsofacto is the brains behind The Colour Collaborative. She has made our logos and done clever stuff with HTML code. Many thanks to her for doing all of that.
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  1. Oh that soup! Perfection!! It really is the perfect green! We make Green Velvet Soup much the same way with spinach, courgette, broccoli, onion, a little potato and split peas, I'll have to try fresh peas next time!

    My post's up too :D

  2. Fabulous idea. The hundreds of shades of this particular colour, my favourite. Your green photos so fresh and alive. Love the layers by colour salad. Really interesting post - thank you (great clip too).

  3. WHat a great green post! (I love that soup!!!) And I've just read Annie's post - can I join in or is it just the five above?

    1. There will be room for more later Lynne, we're just sticking to a few for now while we sort out how it will work, given that it's not intended to be a Linky as such x

    2. okey-dokey. This reminds me a bit of the Art Book Collaboration I did years ago when I was in the exhibiting group Anglia Textiles. I suggested doing a Round Robin book based on the lovely Somerset Studio book Colour; we each made a page for our own and each others' books, having each chosen a colour scheme. The results are stunning. Colour is SO exciting. Looking forward to seeing the results! Lx

  4. Beautiful greens. And such an interesting idea for posts. I love pea soup and the salad looks really interesting. Bacon is never a bad thing.

  5. This is a great idea Sue. I read Annie's post & will read the rest too. Colour is such an important part of my life & I love to decide the right name for any particular shed. I often describe smell in colour & also think that cooking is a form of alchemy.

    I have tried your soup recipe I think before - delicious. We make a similar one from peas, mint & borage leaves which add an unusual flavour which I love for its fleeting season. Beautiful photographs x

  6. I read the title and immediately thought of Blackadder :D
    Your green soup looks delish :)

  7. Mmm, green soup is just right in June. Looking forward to seeing more Colour Collaborations. And thinking I may start trying tricks with bacon to see what I can get children to eat.

  8. Love this idea! Color is everything and green is my favorite color. Your soup looks perfectly delicious! xo

  9. Aw, my grandma used to make a salad like that cheese/peas one! With iceberg lettuce, though.

  10. that soup looks amazing!

  11. I love this colour collaborative idea. This is one of the reasons I'm so addicted to Pinterest, now that my daughter taught me how to use it. I love to look at the colours and see what people are doing with my favourites, and even with colours I don't particularly like.

    (Oh, and my opinion of Blogger's word verification is that it's only easier to read if you're under 50. Humph.)

  12. I do love a bit of Blackadder and I don't wonder that it comes to mind. The soup looks lovely!

    S x

  13. Wonderful words and pictures, Sue. Green: good for you AND tasty. You salad reminds me of a "rainbow salad" I saw in The Simple Things a few months ago. I want to make it as much for how it looks as how it might taste. x

  14. Like your fifty shades of green...............

  15. Sometimes, especially if we've been away from home for a while, I long for a giant plate of green to eat. Next time, I will think about a bowl instead, because that soup looks good.

  16. Ah I love Blackadder - "you think there's a big market for jewellery that looks like snot?" Lol.

  17. Sue, I do love all the many colors of green, and really thank you for all these views, and also for the recipes. I just might have to try some of those salad ideas. (Too hot now in NYC for me to even contemplate soup.)


  18. My favorite would be the pea soup as well as the salad look scrumptious.

  19. My favorite Blackadder, by far!
    Now it may be time to watch the entire season!


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