Tatty Blossom

7th April 2010
18th March 2011
25th March 2012
19th April 2013

You can see by these dates how late spring is this year.
Two years ago the cherry tree in my front garden was in full blossom a whole month earlier.
It was flowering on the 20th March 2000, the day I brought Katie home from hospital after her birth.
This week the blossoms finally opened to their fullest and almost immediately began to brown and drop and look tatty. The wind hasn't helped. The point where the tree becomes a cloud of pink is not going to come this year. It has been bypassed.

Here are some pictures of my tatty cherry blossom.

Last year the strong winds and rain in late April destroyed my quince tree's blossom and consequently the quince harvest. This year the quince tree is barely in leaf let alone blossom. I fervently hope that by the time it does flower the weather will have improved and I shall have quinces this autumn.


Many many thanks for all the advice about blocking my blanket. I think the difference in width is too great and am reworking the bottom third. It's all part of the creative process and I have a new book to listen to while I do it.


  1. Just don't listen too hard...

  2. I do hope that you get quinces this year, I shall kep my fingers crossed for you.

  3. still pretty though...

  4. This year is pretty despairing spring-wise, there has barely been anything of it. It was more like a long winter, two or three days of spring then bam, summer and unbearable heat. Let's see what the rest of the year brings...
    In short, even if it's tatty, it's delightful to see pink blossoms against blue sky !!

  5. Ooh it's lovely - I'd love a blossom in our garden, one day :)

  6. Battered but unbowed. Beautiful.

  7. I'm hoping for an intense burst of Spring colour when it finally arrives, but fear, like you, that it will be very short.
    Lovely photos though - I don't have any blossom at all in the garden yet.

  8. I think this must be happening the world over because my apple tree has only a few blossoms this year. I think the apple harvest will be pitiful, which makes me feel very sad. I love having lots of apples from my own tree. I think your photos are really beautiful.

    1. Someone told me today that the late spring will result in a bumper fruit crop. No idea if that's true but I'd like to think so.

  9. You still got some amazing pics of your cherry blossom, the ones you captured don't look too tatty! The last one is my favorite.
    I've been listening to audiobooks in my car while crocheting on my lunch breaks!

  10. Beautiful nonetheless. My little apples and pears are also barely shooting. And I'm not sure what will happen to the peach tree - it has very feeble little flowers on it, one at a time, that don't look promising at all. It will be interesting to see how the whole season turns out. Off to check the weather forecast now...

  11. So beautiful, makes me wish for spring again already.

  12. It looks like beautiful blossom to me, such a delicate pink and so lovely against that blue sky! I think one of the nice things about blogging is looking back on previous years and like you I've noticed hoe late our plum tree is in fully blossoming this year. I hope your quince tree gets an uninterrupted flowering this year and you get lots of fruit come autumn.

  13. It may be a little tatty, but it's a glorious shade of pink.

    Spring, at last!

  14. This winter has felt like the longest ever, to be honest... I can't wait for the day when I go out of the house and I just feel warmth and the sun on my neck when I walk.
    I do hope your quince tree gives you quinces.
    Will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
    Pati x

    1. That day is here Pati! At least it is where I am, hope it is for you too x


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