Twelve Twelve Twelve

Twelve things making me happy on this twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the century:

pouring the last drops of coffee from the jug and watching it soak through the coffee grains

neighbours' Christmas tree lights twinkling through the morning fog

marmite toast

the words twelve and twelfth

snowberries (symphoricarpos)

beginning a new jigsaw

using my  teeny quarter teaspoon to measure bicarb for a recipe

cleaning out the fridge to make room for a grocery delivery tomorrow

slipper socks warm from the radiator

this arrangement of O Little Town of Bethlehem

last night's leftovers for lunch - spicy bean soup

baking cookies* - chopping dark chocolate for chocolate chips, creaming butter and sugar, watching the colour of the mixture change when I add eggs, shaping the dough into balls, squashing them a little and sprinkling with crunchy sea salt before baking, patting them down as they come out of the oven to make them bigger and crisper, trying to wait for them to cool before tasting

* Salted oatmeal cookies with addition of 6oz chopped dark chocolate and no cinnamon. I made 24 large, thick and chewy cookies although the recipe said it would make 18.



  1. The cookies look divine. 'Salted' is a word that gets my attention in recipes, as it suggests that the salting is a deliberate choice rather than just throwing in the old reliable pinch of salt for the hell of it.

  2. Oh! Yummy baking again! I'm glad you gave the name of those white 'snow' berries, I've always wondered what they were called.

  3. I was out photographing berries like those, frosted, today.

    I hadn't realised that it was that date today, thank you for the pointer.

    1. There won't be another one for 89 years.

  4. Beautiful version of the carol - thank you.

  5. Snowberries make me inordinately happy too..................

  6. The cookies look good, think I will try some. I made the pumpkin cake again, just as good second time, which is handy as I still have quite a few pumpkins in the shed!
    I have also cleaned out my fridge tonight as I will be doing "The Big Christmas Shop" tomorrow!

  7. Love your list of twelve lovely things. I would include getting into my lovely warm bed on a cold night - we only just decided, after 48 years of marriage - to invest in a heated mattress cover! It's sheer blisssssss!!!!

    Also, I would add finishing an article and filing copy and knowing I've hit my deadline (and with a day or two to spare.)

    Also, that first pot of coffee of the day.

    Also, having something already cooked and waiting in the fridge just to heat up when I'm having a busy day at the computer.

    And opening a brand new book - that pleasure never goes.

    And sitting down about 4 pm, when it's dusk, in front of the fire and having a glass of ginger wine. Yes, it might be a bit of an old lady's drink, but I still like it!

    Margaret P

  8. Ooh those cookies look lovely! :)

  9. Oh yummy. Marmite toast and chocolate cookies (not together).

  10. Liz Davey12:17 pm GMT

    I love that version of O little town of Bethlehem. It is so schmaltzy. My girls used to sing in the girls' choir at Warwick and one year they sang that arrangement at the carol concert with a soprano singing the solos. Bliss

  11. Sue, I like every one of your lovely dozen, even the Marmite toast. Yes, some of us over here do have a taste for that treasure.


  12. Gosh those cookies look delicious!

    I'm getting all the baking into December that I can find time for, 2013 is going to be a no wheat year, nutritionists orders :(

  13. The cookies look wonderful, keep thinking I'll make some as gifts for neighbors but that's as far as I get thinking ...


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