Cake of the Month ~ A Mincemeat Cake

The obvious cake for December is Christmas cake. But not everyone likes it, in fact it's the one cake I find quite easy to resist. Charlie and George are big Christmas cake fans while Tom and Katie prefer a Bûche de Noël, but I find that has too much icing -at least it does the way I make it, all those cracks as the cake is rolled to cover up! 

This cake is a nice festive alternative. It's easy to make and can be done at the last minute. It is a simple almondy sponge topped with mincemeat and crumble. I used the recipe for Crumbleberry cake in this post with a couple of alterations.

I used about one and half 1lb jars of mincemeat instead of berries.*
I added the zest of a large orange to the cake batter.
I added about 1 oz of ground almonds to the crumble mixture.

If you don't like mincemeat this would work very well with cranberries- fresh or frozen. Keep the orange zest as that will work well with cranberries otherwise follow the crumbleberry recipe.

Because of the moisture in my mincemeat the cake took a long time to bake -about one and half hours. I lowered the temperature to 170°c (150°c fan oven) and covered the cake with foil for the last 20 minutes.

My mincemeat has suet in it. This made the cake very rich and moist. I like this -it reminds me slightly of lardy cake. You may not like the idea of suet and butter all in one cake in which case use a suetless mincemeat.



  1. What a lovely recipe, looks so much nicer than Christmas cake. Julie x

  2. Thank you - I have been looking for this recipe for ages!
    I make it to use up the Mincemeat in January
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Wow that looks nice, the recipe is printing out as I type :-)

    Sue xx

  4. It looks much nicer than Christmas Cake. I've just made the salted choc chip oat cookies for visitors tomorrow: a triumph, even the tray that I slightly overbaked in my festive flurry.

  5. It looks lovely! :)

  6. granny dot9:18 pm GMT

    Thank you for your lovely invitation to stay over the festive period... I look forward to everything! You are my dream and I'm sorry the invitation is only a dream. Pleasant while it lasted!

    Have been having problems with leaving comments on your blog of late. Is it just me?

    How's the reading? Hope you have a festive pile of books at the ready..and not just to hold the door closed

    1. Hello Granny Dot,

      I've been getting a lot of spam comments lately so I've put comment moderation on for comments on any post older than seven days. You should get a message telling you that your comment is awaiting moderation. I will publish it as soon as I see it.

      Unfortunately I haven't got any particularly festive novels to read but I am enjoying Elizabeth David's Christmas as a lovely foodie read.

  7. That is just what I am making this year - except my recipe has chopped cherries in it too. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  8. To be honest, SUe this cake looks a lot more appetising than most mince pies, which I find.....boring. Yes, I've said it, even the bestest, all butter, homemade ones I jsy can't be bothered with them. Your cake would be much better appreciated, lard, butter and all!

  9. You have solved the problem of what I should serve for pudding tomorrow. Thank you very much.

  10. Granny Dot9:49 pm GMT

    Maybe Sue, making it easy for us to leave comments leaves you vulnerable to annoying spam? I noticed a rather revolting link posted in your comments last week. Perhaps it's like blanket cold calling? How unpleasant for you. I've tried leaving comments a few other blogs but get the 'illegal characters' message and don't seem able to progress beyond that. At least it's (usually) possible to leave comments on your blog!

    Haven't yet decided what to read over Christmas but looking forward to choosing, even if it's only to read in bed.

    Thank you for so many interesting, thought provoking, amusing and, sometimes, irreverant blogposts this year. Am looking forward to more of the same. I appreciate that you blog as you see life. Sometimes I agree with what you say, sometimes not but you do have an ability to present persuasively. Enjoy the festive season and hope you'll feel refreshed for ventures ahead in 2013.

  11. Rather like the sound of that!


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