Store Cupboard Challenge ~ Days 6 and 7

 I haven't made much of a dent on the supplies at all really. We finished up the frozen chickpeas but I have soaked and cooked the dried chickpeas so we have plenty of those still. I used up quite a lot of lentils yesterday in a somewhat disappointing lentil and ham soup. I have sprouted the remaining mung beans so that we can have beansprouts for salads and an oriental-style fish dish I am planning next week.

We haven't eaten the frozen fish and I was pleasantly surprised to find there were 10 chicken breasts and not 8 as I'd thought. This means there are enough for a meal next weekend.

I used up some chicken stock but I also made more, likewise the yogurt and bread.

The granola has gone. I'll make some more tomorrow but they will have to make do with toast in the  morning.

The butter has held out as has the milk but the cheese has gone. I have used up all but one of the eggs  in today's pudding and in a bowl of egg mayonnaise for the next couple of days' sandwiches.

An unexpected but welcome addition to the food supplies came this morning when I noticed a single quince had managed to survive the April storms. Not a particularly big specimen but it will make an apple pie extra special next weekend.

This year's quince harvest

This week's menus
Breakfasts ~ toast with jam or marmalade or sunflower butter/ granola/ scotch pancakes
Weekday lunches ~ chicken sandwiches/cheese and coleslaw sandwiches/pitta pizzas/baked potatoes, cheese and coleslaw/ leftover soup
Snacks ~ flapjacks, apple muffins, bread and jam, apples

Baked potatoes with cheese, sweetcorn, coleslaw, salad
Apple fool

Chicken stew made with leftover chicken, mash, peas
Apple fool

Chickpea and squash curry, raita, rice
Apple fool (this lasted a long time because nobody wanted it except me. No idea why; it was lovely)

The children all had beans on toast
Charlie and I had tuna-cheddar chowder and toast which was much more delicious than it sounds.

Potato, onion and ham hotpot, peas

Lunch ~ lentil and ham soup with croutons and bread
Supper ~ fried eggs with smoked paprika roast potatoes with sweetcorn and courgettes

Lunch ~ baked potatoes with the last of the cheese, beetroot, carrot and apple salad and sliced tomatoes
Supper ~ griddled chicken breast marinated in barbecue spices, garlic and olive oil with rice, sliced tomatoes and peas
Clafoutis aux framboises

Saturday supper

Beetroot, carrot and apple salad

Simple griddled chicken
Clafoutis aux framboises (Raspberry batter pudding)
A clafoutis is basically a thick pancake with fruit in it. I wanted to make a proper pud for Sunday by which I mean something solid and comforting. A bowl of raspberries (with which I am well supplied) was not going to cut it. Crumble and pie were out because I didn't have enough butter, as was anything cakey. I had no cream either so mousses, ice creams and fools were out. I could have made meringue but I can't eat meringue without cream.

I found a suitable recipe here. I replaced the cerises with framboises and reduced the quantities by a quarter (because I didn't think my dish was going to be big enough) et Robert est votre oncle.

Grease a thick based pie dish or tatin tin with butter

Melt 30g butter

Mix together
75g plain flour
55g caster sugar
a pinch of salt

Whisk in bit by bit
3 beaten eggs
Then add little by little
150ml milk and ½ tsp of vanilla extract
Finally stir in the melted butter

Arrange about 250g of raspberries (or other fruit) on the base of the tin.
Pour over the batter.

Bake at 210°c (190°c fan oven) for 10 minutes then reduce the temperature to 180°c (160°c fan oven) and cook for 20 minutes more. Serve warm or cold. Sprinkle with icing sugar if you like.
Next Week
I am keen to continue. This week has made me appreciate just how much food I already have that can be made into perfectly good meals without the need to buy new stuff. It has also made me aware of those few foodstuffs I find it hard to do without - butter, milk, eggs and cheese especially (clearly veganism is not an option for me). I'd really like to continue for as long as possible although I will need to start replacing things soon, yeast, sugar, olive oil for example.

I spent £33.25 on food this week, that's reason enough to carry on.

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