The Party's Over

Last night we all gathered in front of the telly to watch the closing ceremony.

Tom 'Muse are going to be on'
Katie 'The Spice Girls are going to be on'
Me 'Nancy's son is going to be in it'
Charlie 'Paul McCartney better not be in it'
Me 'Oh I hope not, Paul McCartney singing Hey Jude for half an hour, please no'.

It begins
'Which one is your friend's son?'
'No idea, she said he's wearing blue body paint'
'Oh look Madness! Hooray!'
'One Direction!!! Yay!!'
'Oh god, not One Direction! bunch of  ****heads'
'No they are not!!'
'Who are those weirdos with pointed hats, the Ku Klux Klan?'
'No, they're the Pet Shop Boys'
'Pretentious eighties stuff Tom'
'Not George Michael' groans Charlie
'When are Muse coming on?'
'Oh no, not Jessie J'
'Listen, it's Imagine, I love this'
'They should get John Lennon to do it, that would be really good'
'Oh look, they have got John Lennon'
'Where are Muse?'
'Kaiser Chiefs! Great!'
'Bohemian Rhapsody! Everyone join in!'
'Oh they cut it short'
'One does not simply cut short Bohemian Rhapsody' says George outraged.
'I can't believe they are replacing Freddie Mercury with Jessie J!'
'Oh wow, I think David Bowie's about to come on.....oh, no...it's just some pointless supermodels'
'I want Muse'
'The Spice Girls, hooray!'
'Look Victoria Beckham is actually smiling'
'They're going to fire someone out of a cannon'
'It's Eric Idle'
'Oh I know this' says Katie, 'isn't it from The Life of Saving Private Ryan?'
'Muse, Muse, Muse'
'Wow, a pirate ship, is Johnny Depp coming?, oh no it's Annie Lennox'
'Why does Matt Bellamy always sound constipated?'
'Mum he does not sound constipated, he's brilliant'
'Bono's another one who sounds constipated'

'Oh no the flames are going out'
I start singing along with Take That..don't close your eyes, don't fade away...'
'Mum, don't sing'
'I'm sad'
'I don't want the Olympics to end'
'Nor me'
'Never mind, the Paralympics start in a fortnight where the superhuman athletes compete. They're going to be awesome'

( I may have misremembered the running order of the many acts.)

I think I probably did watch every sport, every day, every moment. I absolutely loved the BBC coverage. The presenters and experts were all so wonderful especially Clare Balding who is my favourite. Most of all I shall miss hearing Michael Johnson's voice.
Now the Radio Times Olympic guide lies tossed in our recycling bin along with the milk cartons.

This morning I have woken up with a bad Olympic hangover.
'What am I going to do all day now?' I wailed to Charlie
'Housework!' he replied.


  1. Dear Sue
    It was much the same in our house too - except my husband went into the other room when he didn't like the acts (so wasn't around for all that long). Pretty bonkers, but where was George Formby, or Wizzard, or T-Rex tributes - also influential British music (!). Jessie J did have a slight air of the 'over the top-ness' of Freddie Mercury, but she just wasn't good enough. A video of the original performances, as with John Lennon, would have been much more effective, in my view. Still, Team GB did a great job and let's hope as much coverage, support and encouragement goes to the Paralympians too.
    Best wishes

    1. I think the problem is that most British music has been so influential it is just too hard to fit everyone in. I think Charlie was hoping for an appearance from Jimmy Page after his performance in Beijing.

  2. Echo your last paragraphs entirely, i can't remember enjoying 'sport for all' so much, now, where's me bike!!
    lv mrsGH.

  3. I thought these games were brilliant. From the Opening Ceremony to the Closing. I watched everything I could, no matter what sport. Great job to the British. I thought it was fantastic.

  4. I watched as much as I could on iPlayer..thoroughly enjoyed every minute, though I had to watch the closing show is morning, as we are 2 hours ahead.
    As far as I can gather though..the Paralympics?? are they only on Radio 5?? a shame if they are..
    Take care

    1. Channel Four has it. Phew, you had me worried there.

  5. You are a very funny lady! Over here in the States, we eventually saw an edited multi-hour replay of the closing show. Maybe it was one of those events that just was so much more fun in person. I don't think it quite worked as televised. Even the Brazilian bit seems tame and badly photographed.

    Ah well, it was still kind of entertaining, wasn't it?

  6. Lol at your post - brilliant!! I too kept looking in the blue section for Nancys son - not that I really know what he looks like??? I agree on the commentators too I would also award Matt Baker gold for excitement in the gymnastics - brilliant - and ooh yes Michael Johnsons voice I could listen to him all day!!! Look, even Ian from swimming might get a mention for look, to many uses of look in a sentence :-)

    1. Look, that's very Aussie thing to do. Look, I've noticed in the likes of Shane Warne and other. I love Ian Thorpe though, so interesting on swimming and a little bit cheeky too.

  7. I loved the closing ceremony too, and I am also sad it's all over, but most of all, like you, I will miss Michael Johnson's gorgeous, sexy, velvety voice. SIGH!


  8. Missed most of the closing ceremony - don't ask a bit of a crisis! Was in town early today and most people looked half asleep. I was quite sad to recycle the Radio Times supplement too.

  9. I used to work with Neil Tennant. Who'd have thought I'd be watching him thirty years later singing in a pointy hat on an origami rickshaw at the Olympic Games. Did Victoria Beckham really smile? I missed it. Could have done without the glowering supermodels. Loved singalonga Freddie and John. Clare Balding is on Channel 4. Yay!

    1. Yes, she is! Imust admit I missed VB smile but Katie swears she did.

  10. Bereft here, too. Had to console myself with a batch of peanut butter and white choc cookies.

  11. After being rather nervous in the run up (both from a practical perspective - I work less than 2 miles from the Olympic Park, and from an emotional one - as a Londoner I was terrified we would be made a fool of)I have absolutely LOVED our Olympics. We laughed, cried, cheered and shouted by turns, both in person (at the Road-race cycling) and at the TV (Lots of everything else). As for the closing ceremony, I think it did its job - it's not MEANT to be remembered in years to come, the opening ceremony is for that, and without question it lived up to that expectation.
    Roll on the Paralympics - and our chance for an Olympic Stadium visit!

  12. I'm glad you mentioned the Paralympics. Everyone on the radio and television are saying it's all over without a thought that our courageous paralympians are still to come. I wonder if they'll have an opening and closing ceremony to match? Highly unlikely, they won't get such extensive television coverage either.

    1. I posted a link further up the comments Jan. Channel Four is broadcasting all of it including the opening ceremony. Good news!

    2. That's great Sue, thanks.

  13. Anonymous8:00 pm BST

    Are you sure you weren't at my house? Your conversations had me laughing out loud as they sounded just the same.

  14. I, too, have to remember what I did all day before the Olympics were on. And our running commentary during the closing ceremony sounded much like yours, except my husband left the room because of boredom. What I kept wondering was, where was Elton John? I expected him to show up for either the Opening or the Closing.

    1. Personally I was thankful Sir Elton was absent.

    2. Would have appreciated Robbie Williams mind.

    3. Oooh me too, Sue! Pleased to see Madness but seeing Robbie as well would have made my night! :)

  15. I enjoyed FatBoy Slim in the inflatable octopus. It took the show to a whole new level of weird.

  16. It was brilliant, all of it, and it seems to have awakened a renewed respect for our little country and a sense of pride for those living in it. I love the notes lots of the athletes have left on the 'tree' at the airport, it was shown on the news last night, it seems we did everyone proud.

    Love your post,it sums up the whole evening so well.

    Sue xx

  17. I totally agree with you. I loved every minute of the Olympics too. And i`m right with you on the subject of Jessie J, yuk!
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  18. Wasn't too fussed on the beginning but it did get better and your conversations were so similar to the ones here. It's my dads birthday on Friday and I've got him some tickets for the Paralympics .. can't wait to see his face :-)

  19. Priceless :D The commentary here was much the same, but no where near as funny.

  20. We missed the closing ceremony completely at our house, but I agree COMPLETELY with your comment about Paul McCartney. My son (who is 46) looked at me like I was crazy when I said (a) Paul McCartney was way past his prime and (b) "Really? They closed the opening ceremonies with a Hey, Jude! singalong?"...I suppose it is an anthem of sorts for a whole generation, just not my generation.

    First-time visitor here. I came from Helsie's blog.


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