Cornwall 2012

Cornwall last week.
Perfect weather. All week, every day.
Perfect beaches, perfect countryside.
Lovely blogladies to meet for coffee and icecream.
Why would you go anywhere else?

Now we are back in Worcester where the weather remains good and the washing machine is in overdrive.
A birthday cake must be made for a 17 year old, a leg of lamb must be roasted for his birthday meal and as much Olympic action must be watched as possible.



  1. So glad you had such a wonderful time and fabulous weather. Great shots and you have captured the atmosphere quite perfectly!

  2. Wonderful shots Sue. I have never been to Cornwall, but my goodness it looks the place to spend a great holiday.

  3. Wonderful shots and as you say - perfect!

    Sue xx

  4. Oh yes, that really is perfection and how wonderful that the weather co-operated so nicely!

  5. Anonymous2:45 pm BST

    Oh my gosh the seaside looks beautiful Sue
    And all the nature and fabulous weather as you say PERFECT
    Have a fab weekend
    PS Please become one of my followers

  6. such beautiful blues xxx

  7. There is no better place to holiday - whatever the weather! Although I am hoping the sun will shine right through until the end of August for our week in St Ives.

    I'm glad you chose an agapanthus. For me they are synonymous with summer in Cornwall.

  8. Wow you lucked out biiiigtiiiiime!! With the weather, who would be anywhere else than right here?

    Happy birthday celebrations, I have a 17 year old lad too, gorgeous seeing them emerging from the mid teen fog, no? Bx

    1. Oh yes we were so lucky, particularly as we usually go on holiday in late August. George's mid-teens have been remarkably stress-free actually, as are Tom's. My experience of teens has so far been happy.

  9. Beautiful! A great reminder too of just how stunning Britain can be.... you know, when the sun actually shines!!

    Sandra x

  10. Cornwall usually is perfect, and that looks pretty perfect. Very blue as well, I noticed.

  11. Lovely. I must plan to see more than just the northeastern corner of Cornwall next time!

  12. Anonymous9:28 pm BST

    Wow, that fantastic blue! As you say, perfect.

  13. So much glorious blue ... balm for the soul :D Sounds and looks like a fabulous week :D

  14. Ahhhh, total bliss. You lucky spuds! The finest place to be on a sunny day. Those memories will last for ever (I'm hiding this envy well don't you reckon Sue!)

    Hope you've enjoyed Day 1 of the Plimps thus far.

  15. Looks glorious - and blog ladies are always the cherry on the cake!

  16. Glad you had a lovely time in Cornwall. I was lucky enough to live there for a couple of years when we were first married. I still miss being able to see the sea from our house. Best wishes, Pj x

  17. I love all the blue in your photos. Why go aboard when you can have all those fantastic views when the sun is shining. Wonderful!
    Sarah x


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