Main Gate at Kew -not the same as the Main Entrance

When you go to Kew you should take lots of pictures of the plants, the trees, the sculptures, the Pagoda, the tree-top walk, Kew Palace and Queen Charlotte's cottage. You should also take notice of which big greenhouses you are walking through and pay attention to the notices and information provided.
I didn't do well at any of these things because I was completely distracted by the nine fabulous women* I met there on Saturday.

Those huge lilypad things -couldn't see what they were called because my glasses had steamed up

There was much laughter, much chat, there were presents and thanks to Alice there was fizz as well.
There were some absent friends who were missed......another time maybe?

Olympic Rings

I had a wonderful day.




  1. I am slightly ashamed at the blatant way in which we ignored the botanical marvels. But not ashamed enough to wish the day had been any different!

  2. I'm not sure it would have mattered much where we were. We may have neglected the plants somewhat but we didn't neglect the chat or the fun. It was such a huge treat to meet you at last.

  3. Why the coyness, who were the nine fabulous women? I expect they own nice blogs to visit. Two have revealed themselves in your comments so far, do share the rest...

    1. I have amended the post to include the blogs of those nine fabulous women. So sorry!

  4. How wonderful - bet you had a fabulous time!!

  5. Forget the photos with a gathering like that I think an audio blog would be very enlightening, interesting, amusing etc etc!

  6. I really want to see the David Nash sculptures. Too far for a day trip for me, though. I will have to do some organising!

  7. It's hilarious that for the first time ever I have returned from Kew without a memory card full of flowery photos!

    What a day! What fun! ;-)

  8. Is one permitted to be envious? I read the blogs of all these lovely ladies here in my northern Welsh fastness.

    Chuffed for you all that you had such fun, and Jo's right, we need an audio blog ;D

  9. Ah, Kew- always, always wonderful!

  10. You did well to capture the pictures that you did with all of the chat and laughter going on. I do hope that we can all do it again sometime as I'll be there come hell or high water next time!

  11. I took a photo of the fizz! it was indeed a lovely day, I felt very special to be included, and now to be described as fabulous too!

  12. Anonymous9:01 pm BST

    Sounds like a perfect way to pass the day!

  13. It was SUCH fun! I think I came home with 2 photos of lilypads, all with a steamed up lens...!

  14. So good to know that you all had a very good time!

  15. No photos here either! I do have just one of the Olympic rings, though I have no idea why - I think someone told me to. It was a good day, wasn't it?

  16. Pati from London2:31 pm BST

    Sounds like you all had a great time! Good for you! I have to go soon to see the rings... they look cool ! xPati

  17. Anonymous10:40 pm BST

    The steamy lily area is the lotus pool. I'm so glad it is just as I remember it from a visit in 1970!

    Your day was wonderful.

    China Doll


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