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I have some nice bits and pieces of jewellery. I hardly ever wear it though. I got out of the habit when my children were babies. Having your earring grabbed by a small child is not much fun. I like long necklaces and pendants but I don't seem able to wear them properly. They will insist on encircling themselves around one boob rather than hanging gracefully between both. I'm not good at brooches either. I can't position them in the right place, they look wrong where ever I put them and my fingers are too pudgy for rings.

 Recently I accused Charlie of never buying me jewellery. He felt,rightly, that this was unfair and proceeded to list the items he had bought me in the 23 years we have known each other.
'There was that heart-shaped thing that opened with the Japanese writing on it'
'The what?'
He meant the round silver locket with the celtic knot pattern in the picture below.
'Ok, but that doesn't count because I asked for that'

'Yes, but I told you to buy that as well'

'What about that spinny thing?'
'Spinny thing?'
'Yes, that necklace with a silver disc which spun when you pulled the chain so that it said 'I love you', like one of those toy things'
'You know, the spinny thing'
'I have no idea what you are talking about'
'Yes you do'
'I have never set eyes on any piece of jewellery like that in my life'
'Was that not you?'
'Apparently not'

Before you get the wrong idea I should point out that marital harmony is intact. 
Just about.



  1. Ah, yes. Yoked smock-tops and dangly necklaces - the bane of all of us generously-bosomed ladies! Though I must confess to owning -and wearing -a fair few of the latter. And I should know better at my age.

    Now the children are older, and, hopefully, past the age for pulling your earrings from your lobes, why not get 'em out and start wearing them again? I feel positively naked if I forget to put mine on (in?). As for the unwearably dangly beady stuff - cannibalise it and make new stuff - or donate to some crafty person you might know, I'm sure they'd take them off your hands.

    As for the marital spat - it was only when we went together for our eye-tests about 14 years ago that I found out my other half had NO IDEA what colour my eyes were! And seeing as they were my only claim to fame I was a bit put out, `I can tell you! But we are still speaking.........

  2. Lynn, if only I were generously-bosomed!

  3. "was that not you?" apparently not"........thanks so much Sue for a most hearty chuckle :)

  4. Ha ha ha!

    I've done the same thing in reverse: "You know that beautiful silver and aquamarine necklace you bought me? Yes, you know...my all time favourite bit of jewellery....Oh. Yes. It was another boyfriend wasn't it? Sorry."

  5. thank you for this lovely anecdote, I enjoyed reading it and the pictures are just great! I too can count the jewelry gifts from my husband on 1 hand... One time my youngest son bought me a (fake) 'golden' ring on a flea market with his pocket money. It is the ring I love to wear most of all....

  6. Oh my goodness that spinny thing story made me laugh. My husband has bought 3 pieces of jewellery for me in 18 years of marriage. An engagement ring, a wedding band and an eternity ring which I guilted him into after 10 years of marriage when I pointed out that his wedding ring had cost more than both of mine put together. To be fair, he was a penniless student at the time.

    My father and brother excel at buying their wives jewellery. Though my sister in law and mother are both much better at wearing it than I am. Chicken and egg?

  7. I never got an engagement ring -another grievance to add to my list- mind you we weren't exactly engaged.

    1. I never got one either. We were both students and decided to put the money towards our Inter Rail honeymoon (which we took in the summer preceding our wedding - well, who would want to trek round Europe in November?).

      I've dropped umpteen hints about an eternity ring to mark the birth of our first daughter ... or our second ... or our 10th anniversary ... or even our 25th! But no joy!

    2. I never got a honeymoon either -my list is getting longer!

  8. Granny Dot6:49 pm BST

    You are such a hoot!

    Why do so many (intelligent, articulate) men have that glazed, desparate look when they fumble for descriptions of those things we find so easy to describe in detail?

    Might I be the same with vehicles? Never, vehicles are best described by their colour, shape and appearance of owner, aren't they?

    1. He's hopeless at colours, smells and tastes too. We were eating some lovely Lindt coconut-filled chocolate the other day and he said 'this orange chocolate is really nice'.

    2. Pati from London2:53 pm BST

      oh!! what a laugh! that's brilliant! Pati x

  9. I think Charlie and BigBean are twins who were seperated at birth...
    I even bought my own wedding ring.

  10. Men: they do know how to put their foot in it.

  11. Anonymous8:03 pm BST

    I like that snake bracelet - considered selling it?

    1. No, sorry nothing is for sale :)

  12. Ooh you have some lovely bits. I know where you're coming from, I've got two babes and they LOVE to pull earrings and necklaces :) all I wear are my wedding and engagement rings. Loving the gold pin in the last pic!
    Victoria xx

  13. Anonymous9:09 pm BST


    Today my other half, who has just joined Facebook was sent a Friend request by a pretty, slim blonde in her twenties, who is not related to either of us. It's a good job I'm not the jealous type!

  14. Granny Dot9:11 pm BST

    Yes Sue, with you there also! What about haircuts and clothes? Oblivious in my hubby's case.

    I read that we ladies 'shouldn't' wear make-up or perfume etc as this just panders to men and we, apparently, only do so to please them. My mascara and perfume are to please me as hubby is, as I said, oblivious.

    He is pretty tolerant of me and my (annoying) little ways though!

  15. I can't stop giggling Sue. My last husband was caught out when he bought a ring for me that had 'her' initials in it...

  16. I feel your pain.. I have never been bought jewellery even costume stuff and at my age thats kinda sad.

  17. After 8 years together my (now-ex) boyfriend finally bought me a bracelet that was exactly my taste. And then we split up a year later and I can't really wear it anymore because it reminds me of him! I love both necklaces my now partner has bought me because they are from him and I know the care he put into choosing them, but they are definitely not what I would choose myself!

  18. Weirdly enough for the first time in forever I put 'dangly' earrings in today. I totally agree about small children being a reason to keep the jewellery collection to one side! If my husband bought my spontaneous sparkly gifts I think I would worry - very out of character. Shame!

  19. Hilarious post, honestly I'm still giggling and I first read it a while ago but Blogger wouldn't let me comment. Loving the bracelet and brooch in the last pic :D

    To date my husband has managed an engagement ring, a wedding ring and an eternity ring (15 years), all chosen with my help, and one surprise pair of earrings totally unsuited to me. I wondered if he could even remember what jewellery he'd bought me so asked him. Not a clue!

  20. I have one of those. A partner who buys who is kind and generous and buys just what you ask for. Occasionlly it would be nice to have a surprise.

  21. If you get big enough diamonds in those rings no-one notices whether your fingers are pudgy or not !!!!

  22. still giggling. I love brooches but always think they look a bit odd on me, so they end up in coat pockets. I think I leave the house looking arty and creative and then catch site of myself in a shop window looking like a slightly mad bag lady.

  23. I just LOL-d for real and I needed that. Thanks, Sue!

  24. Anonymous11:08 pm BST

    What a great story! My husband buys all my jewelry, but we've never had that conversation!

  25. Ha ha! Oh that made me laugh. I often say things like 'remember when we went to....' and it was with someone else. Awkward. :-)


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