Delicious Icy Treats

demanded Tom on his return from school yesterday,
'What delicious icy treats have you prepared for us on this hot, hot day?'
Startled by this uncharacteristic mode of speech all I could do was stammer
'erm, ice cubes?'

Today I set about providing some delicious icy treats that would please everybody.
No money was to be spent.
I had grapes, tinned peaches and oranges.

Frozen grapes are a fabulous healthy snack on a hot day.
They must be eaten frozen though, don't defrost them or you will end up with mushy blobs.
I simply spread my grapes on a baking tray and froze for a couple of hours.

These are peach and orange lollies made by blending a 400g tin of peaches plus their juice with the juice of three oranges.



  1. I like the ice lollies idea-will have to try that one!

  2. Frozen grapes - oh yes! I only discovered them a year or so ago - imagine that. But that peach andorange juice combo sounds delish...let's hope these hot, hot days continue long enough for me to make some.

  3. Anonymous8:03 pm BST

    Frozen grapes are a huge hit here, although they are not to my personal tastes. It is so lovely having the sun out here, long may it last!

  4. Frozen grapes! I wish the shops were still open so I could dash out and get some. Tom has a delightfully stately turn of phrase.

  5. Ooh I've never frozen grapes before, my daughter will love them I'm sure!
    Victoria xx

  6. Those lollies look sooo refreshing :D And you know what I'll be freezing tomorrow!

  7. Lovely looking lollies - reminds me of childhood! I bet the taste was great too. Lucky Tom! I loved the way he expressed himself! Very eloquent and it got you into "Your wish is my command, sire" mood! Clever him!!
    The sun and warmth finally came to us over here too and I can finally dig my summer clothes out of their winter resting place!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Anonymous8:06 am BST

    Those lollies look lovely - feel like I might need one now and it's only 8am!

  9. You are a good kind mother. Wish I had someone to freeze grapes for.

  10. Pati from London4:01 pm BST

    never tried frozen grapes before but it is definitely a smashing idea!! x Pati

  11. Gosh, what has that boy been reading? Love frozen grapes, and I could just do with one of those lollies.

    1. Funny thing is, he doesn't read anything.

  12. Love it! I can't say I have ever had frozen grapes, even though there were 12 grapevines in my father's garden when I was a child. Love the sound of them, though. Frozen blueberries, yes! The peach 'lollies' we call 'icy poles' in Australia. Great idea too! Love your blog.

  13. Frozen grapes - must chuck the remains of the bunch into the freezer! I remember raiding my mother's frozen gooseberry stock, so I can imagine how good they will be.

  14. lol! I am so giggling over Tom's question! So funny! (Nice icy treats,too.)

  15. I make those too (although without the orange). I have been experimenting with tropical ones this week - a tin of coconut milk, tin of pineapple in juice and a banana. I will try frozen grapes out too. x


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