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I'm always looking for new ways to use leftover roast chicken. This is chicken, bacon and avocado salad. 
The base of the salad is a bag of mixed leaves. On top of the leaves I scattered chopped chicken, crisply cooked bacon, chopped avocado, a segmented orange, diced red pepper and some sliced red onions.
I drizzled it all with a simple dressing of olive oil, white wine vinegar, a little honey and some Dijon mustard.
Roasting the peppers would have been an improvement but it was still delicious.

 Today I made myself another salad for lunch. I call it storecupboard salad because most of the ingredients were in my cupboards.

It's a tin of tuna, a tin of cannellini* beans, a few bottled artichoke hearts, some chopped sun-dried tomatoes and a handful of black olives. A little parsley and some sliced red onion finished it off. I didn't make a dressing because the artichokes and the dried tomatoes had oil on them already. 
I piled this salad on top of some salad leaves.

I made these little beauties for our supper this evening.
They are chickpea flatbreads from the wonderful Eggs on the Roof blog.
They were such fun to make (such fun!). They are made from chickpea flour which is also called gram flour. They are more like pancakes than bread, soft and spongy. 
I made a few adjustments to Charlie's recipe.
I thought 6 would not be nearly enough for my ravenous hoards so I doubled the recipe.
My small non-stick frying pan is not as non-stick as it used to be and I found I needed to put a little olive oil in the pan. This gave the breads a lovely crisp edge.

We ate them topped with slow-cooked red onions, a fried egg and some crumbled feta.
A little hot sauce on the egg was the perfect finishing touch.

They really were delicious. 
Vegan and gluten-free too, and presumably full of protein from the chickpeas.

*That is how you spell cannellini Mr Spellchecker, and no I do not mean cannelloni which is a kind of pasta. Hmmph!


  1. luckdragon8:24 pm BST

    those flatbreads look delicious, and so does the avocado salad. i'm on a bit of an avocado spree.

    (also, i've recently had the very same issue with spellcheck - so, yeah! you don't know everything, spellcheck!!)

  2. Oh, I discovered these not long ago from a vegetarian recipe book. They're called Socca and are a specialty from Nice on the Riviera (I was born there and lived there for a while, yet my parents had never heard of them - duh !)
    I also used a little oil because they tend to stick to the pan more (maybe it's the flour ?) but it gave them a nice crispy touch. We all loved them and they are very filling.

  3. No 2, lunch tomorrow I think, can hardly wait.

  4. Salad idea's cool. I am just going through to the kitchen to make my salad for tomorrow. the flat breads look interesting.

  5. I will be making those flatbreads soon!

  6. Ah, like gram flour pancakes with a little olive oil instead of the egg - that's EXACTLY what I need in my repertoire, thank you. I always order the chick pea thing on the menu.

  7. I'm with you on the lookout for recipes for leftover chicken. Thanks for this tip! And I must try the chickpea pancakes. I believe I have some gram flour in my cupboard. I bought it to make onion bhajis, which also make a delicious snack.

  8. Picnic on Sunday sorted!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. Anonymous10:06 am BST

    That avocado salad sounds wonderful.

  10. Every one of these ideas will be something I want to try! Thank you so much. I am making note of this post.

  11. Chickpea flatbreads sound scrumptious (I LOVE chickpeas) - thanks for the link!

  12. Mouthwatering... thanks for sharing (though I do find it hard to believe that with three ravenous teenagers to feed you ever have any leftover roast chicken at all!) Kate x

    1. I'm strict about how much they have (although the boys still manage to eat an entire leg and thigh each)and we were one down on Easter Sunday so there was more leftover than usual.

  13. It all looks delicious !
    I love bean salad .... sometimes I use the big butter beans with feta , rocket , olives and cherry tomatoes . VERY filling and very yummy , and it makes me feel so virtuous .

  14. So I'm reading away ... nice salad, but not for me, I don't eat meat ... another nice salad, and I do sometimes eat fish, but I might skip the olives and chop in some of that avocado ... and then I got to the last picture and my Ooh was so loud that hubby came through from the next room to ask what I'd found. Some of my most favourite things, all on a plate together, that's what ... Sue, you're a star!

    1. Yes, it is fab veggie fodder Annie. But as for the salad you don't have to put chicken in it; how about some lovely goats' cheese or hard boiled eggs, or nuts? And of course the tuna is optional.

  15. Anonymous1:15 am BST

    Love the use of oranges in the chicken salad sounds delicious!


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