Between the showers of rain and hail Katie and I visited the little wood near our house to see if the bluebells were blooming. On our way we found numerous patches of blue speedwell in the grass. Such a pretty little flower. There were daisies too and plenty of dandelions.

In the wood we found bluebells, wood anemones, celandines, jack-by-the-hedge and meadowsweet.



  1. we life near the sea. but would love to live near a wood. but if i lived near a wood i would want to live near the sea! rach x

  2. Lovely photo's I was at our bluebell woods last week and they were not open yet. I am going to try again this week.

  3. Sue you have made my day. Not only that you've inspired me. I shall be making enamelled speedwell, you mark my words.

  4. Sweet woodland flowers and I adore bluebells which are very rare, if not invisible in these parts. What a lovely walk!

  5. How lovely, to see all those little beauties.


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