Easter To Do

Oh the reassurance making a list brings. 
I hope to bring you some pictures of our Easter celebrations in a few days.
Depending on how much gin I've had of course.


  1. I'm totally with you on the list making and I especially like the gin and tonic addition. Of course, on my list there will be 'eat chocolate', 'make Bounty Cake' and 'read' too. Sounds like a perfect Easter weekend to me!
    Best wishes

  2. Anonymous6:29 pm BST

    It sounds as if you have everything in hand!

  3. Forget the photos. Just make sure you have enough to drink. Ax

  4. Love the cards. Just been to look at the card generator. Clever isn't it?

  5. You to do lists sound perfect. I'm making my hot cross buns tomorrow as we like them for breakfast with butter and marmalade! I shall look forward to your bun and butter pudding recipe if you share it. Have you tried B&B pudding with brioche? It's gorgeous!
    I hope you'll be getting sunshine to sit in at Easter, rain is expected here!

  6. loving the gin. i myself will be living on strong coffee and chocolate x

  7. A carb and alcohol heavy Easter then Sue, sounds absolutely perfect. I have just bought 4 bags of mini eggs, ostensibly to decorate choccy nests but actually to gorge on as my Lenten choc famine comes to an end. Bliss.

  8. Do share with us your chocolate biscuit cake recipe. I have tried several, in attempts to recreate the cake that Mr Coffee loved at a cafe that has now closed down. I was *nearly* there last try.

  9. It's here coffee Lady- http://thequincetree65.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/i-love-not-camping-day-one.html

    This time I shall be using digestives and dried cranberries.

  10. I have made the After Eight Mint cookies and a cheesecake. They await my nose in the trough. Have a Happy Easter Sue. I think you will : )

  11. Ooh, I like the sound of Bread and Butter pudding made with Hot Cross Buns. We have said buns and carrot cake here, both bought I must admit, but from a local artisan bakery that has just started up. Less mess in the kitchen and I'm encouraging an enterprising young business woman ... it was a win win as far as I was concerned :D

    Enjoy the G&Ts Sue x

  12. This is an area where the gentiles DEFINITELY have one over the Jews. Sadly, G & T's are not kosher for Passover. Slivovitz is no substitute.

    1. Oh no! Is is just Passover they aren't allowed or are G&Ts not kosher full-stop?

  13. Anonymous8:11 pm BST

    I think your plan for the Easter Break is spot on !!!!

  14. I think it should be gins and tonic but, as you said, you won't care after a few. Have a marvellous Eastertide with your family and over-eat with gusto!

  15. This sounds like an exceptional plan. I think I might make it as far as sitting in the sun and drinking gin and tonics.

  16. Yes to everything on your list, Sue!

    Sadly, I find that as I grow (older) I like the effect alcohol has on me less and less. I am more of a good coffee and tea person. Clearly I favour stimulants over relaxants.

    Chocolate, however, will always be top on my list of priorities!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sue.

  17. Anonymous11:16 am BST

    Hi Sue
    Very happy Easter to you and yours. Readers Guide has it right G & T in the sunshine. I am personally trying to support the grape growers in Australia by using up a tad of their White wine supplies!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy - Sheridan

  18. Just had a G&T here in the USA where it's still Saturday. Made a pineapple upside-down cake and for the first time ever, not one piece of pineapple stuck to the pan! Hope tomorrow's ham with clove and pineapple comes out as well as the cake did!


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