Weekend Leftovers

Wasn't the weather lovely yesterday? At least it was in Worcester. Katie celebrated by going completely over the top and wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops all day. 

The little lane about 100 yards from our house has been the focus of some twitching activity over the last few days. A yellow-browed warbler has been spotted. It's been there for a while apparently, and as I walk down that lane every day I feel sure I must have seen it without knowing what it was.
The twitchers are very happy to chat about the rare visitor. They come from Siberia  -warbler not twitchers, the twitchers seem to be mostly from Birmingham- and sometimes overwinter here.
The twitchers have been hanging around for three days now and I'm wondering whether to start offering tea and cakes.

I made a steak pie for supper on Saturday. The filling was just a simple beef stew and the pastry was this recipe. It's my favourite pastry, so easy and so deliciously rich and buttery. I was glad to find I'd made too much. There wasn't enough to make another pie, and there was some drying grated cheese in the fridge so I made these easy peasy cheese twists.

I rolled the pastry out, brushed it with a beaten egg, sprinkled grated cheese on top, cut it into strips about 3cm wide and twisted them by holding both ends and, well, twisting.
I placed them on a baking sheet and baked in a hot oven for 15 minutes. They made a very well-received after school snack.

For the men I made mash to go with their pie, but I overestimated their appetite so there was a bowl of leftover mash to use up.
Fishcakes are a good way to use up mash. 
This is a beautiful Craster kipper which cost me about £1.30. They are easy to prepare, you just put them in a dish and pour boiling water over them and leave for about 15 minutes to heat through, this is called jugging because it used to be done in a tall earthenware jug. You don't really need to do this if you are making them into cakes but the skins are easier to remove if they have been jugged. 

I mashed up the kipper flesh with some spring onions, an egg, a squirt of lemon juice and the mash.

I shaped the mixture into cakes, dipped them in beaten egg and then breadcrumbs. Then I fried them on both sides until crisp and golden. 

The children are not keen on kippers so they had one of my favourite easy suppers.
Potato wedges which have had pieces of bacon scattered over ten minutes before the end of their cooking time, and some grated cheese added a few minutes later. 
You could use bits of chorizo, salami or sausage instead of bacon.
Ketchup must be served with this.



  1. My, you make my mouth water with these piccys !! I have made salmon cakes but yours looks/sounds much better...
    Must try this soon !!

  2. The sight of those kipper flakes in the bowl and then of the fishcakes in the pan had me wishing I'd been more imaginative with our supper which, due to a small domestic crisis, was nothing more than poached eggs on toast in the end. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

    Sound like you're enjoying much nicer weather than we are, lucky things :D

  3. Craster kippers eaten here every Saturday breakfast. Never thought of jugging them and putting them in fishcakes, I always use smoked mackerel. Love those twisty cheesies. Am going to make them next time I make pastry. Hope the fog leaves and sun comes back tomorrow, I felt a bit cheated today after our basking day yesterday. Ax

  4. Fishcakes sound wonderful. The twitchers would never leave if you started supplying your lovely food (we go birdwatching but aren't dedicated twtichers)
    We went to wonderful Saltburn to see the yarnbombing yesterday, the weather and the scarf were both wonderful
    Carol xx

  5. Thanks for reminding me of the joys of fishcakes. I used to make loads but seem to have got out of the habit recently- I've no excuses now!
    Enjoy the warblers & the twitchers...

  6. love craster kippers, sound like they would be great in fishcakes. we are lucky to be close enough to be able to go and collect them and not have to have them posted! which makes up for the jealously I have of your pastry, 15 years of making gluten free pastry and I'm still rubbish at it, and I've never met anyone who can make gluten free flaky....

  7. I almost always feel hungry when reading your blog. Please don't start to feed the twitchers, you'd never get rid of them. I think you might notice the bird if you saw it - we don't have that many green birds.

    The shot of the kipper is perfect.

  8. fishyfamily6@yahoo.com2:30 am GMT

    Yummo! Your introduction of Craster kippers to us Yanks caused a little search and discussion. Thank you! Your blog is always delightful and informative.

  9. Blimey Sue, I'm blooming starving now!Gorgeous as ever and a good reminder that we haven't had fishcakes for a while.

  10. It's 10 to 8 on a weekday morning & you've made me want steak pie and fishcakes for breakfast! Jo x

  11. I have started a diet (again) This is pure torture.

  12. Mmmm the potato wedge kids tea sounds like just the sort of thing my lot would love - I can see it being a very handy way of using up all sorts of bits and pieces - like a more substantial/ healthy version of nachos

  13. We had twitchers watching a rare bird once in the small town I grew up in. As they were watching it was caught and killed by a cat!
    Your fishcakes looked amazing, I had heard of the term jugged before but didn't know what it meant. Thank you.

  14. Hi Sue,
    The pastry on your pie looks amazing, I haven't made flaky pastry since domestic science at school! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas I will be trying them out soon!

  15. Steak pie! Of course. I had forgotten to buy suet, but I do have pastry.

    Of course a hearty steak pie is just the thing for a warm spring day - isn't it?


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