Such Fun

This weekend I have been enjoying the sunshine. 
It has had a rather peculiar effect on me.

The urge to clean and wash things has overcome me.
The bathroom is shining and the cobwebs have gone.

I have been gardening too.
 If you can call filling a wheelie bin with dead vegetation gardening.

And, Katie and I have watched the entire first series of Miranda. Ok, not entirely suitable for an 11 year old but on the whole 'such fun'.
I haven't laughed so much for ages and can't think how I have let Miranda pass me by for so long.



  1. Oh, I absolutely, what one would call, 'love' Miranda!!!

    Snap re spending the weekend filling the wheelie bin with garden gubbins!


  2. We love Miranda in this house too, I have also let Alice watch it, sometimes the comments/jokes go over her head and I am pleased not to have to explain!!

  3. She's brilliant isn't she! And sunshine brings on an urge to clean you say ... hmm, maybe I needed to spend more time outside ;D

  4. Love Miranda & loved her in 'Call the Midwife' too. Apart from the Miranda marathon your weekend sounded much like mine x

  5. I LOVE Miranda too <3

    What have you done today to make you feeeeeeel fine :D

    1. Cleaned the bathroom, hoovered the floors, dusted, gardened and made a lasagne. Love Sarah Hadland in it too, she's a favourite of ours from Horrible Histories.

  6. Oh Miranda is a genuis isn't she! I don't usually like slapstick but every time she falls over I die laughing.

    I got that springy feel too but only got as far cleaning the bedroom before I had to get out into the garden.

    My mum in law is coming with us on holiday to Spain in the summer, to the Costa Brava - she slayed me yesterday when she said "Its what I call Catalonia". Woody thought we'd both had heart attacks with all the shrieking going on in the kitchen. Such fun!

    Have a lovely sunny week.

  7. Miranda is great isn't she!
    Funny I had that Spring Cleaning feeling yesterday too!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  8. I had never even thought of Miranda. Now I've just lost a chunk of my morning watching your clip - it's off to update my Lovefilm list!

  9. You just made my day with that Miranda Hart video clip. She's so funny and had me laughing really out loud all on my own!
    Well done for your spring cleaning mood. Mine hasn't come over me yet, but I need to pull the dead flowers out of my window boxes!
    I love your spring shoot and the crocus. I just saw my first snowdrops and crocus here in other people's gardens. It's so uplifting, so are the longer days!

  10. BigBean must not read this. He frequently looks at our cobwebs with loathing but still he seems to think it is my job to get rid of them. Off to peek at that Miranda clip now. Ax

  11. I love Miranda too! What's not to like? Nice job with the spring cleaning, our weather here isn't quite spring-like enough to get outside (Seattle USA). I enjoy your lovely blog so much. Thank you.

  12. I've never heard of her but the clip was hilarious. I'll keep an eye out on our ABC channel where most of the Brittish show go.
    I am really struggling to do housework in the heat. So glad it will soon be Autumn ( for what it is worth here ) I might have more energy when it is cooler.
    PS That Bounty cake the other day looked good. I plan to try it out on my Mahjong group soon. Thanks

  13. Pati from London9:29 am GMT

    Your Miranda clip is hillarious!! It's a good discovery as I've never watched it before!! Will keep an eye in the future, x Pati

  14. I often turn to Miranda to cheer me up. I've been enjoying her in Call the Midwife, too.

    Have a great weekend, Sue.

  15. This must be a first.Looked at your blog and had a lump in my throat when I saw your wheelie bin!I,m from Worcestershire but exiled to the north east for past ten years.It just shows amongst all the beautiful images on your blog it was the bin what done it.

    1. Wheelie bins can stir up strong emotions Jill! The brown bins are a fairly new thing for Worcester City Council. They are for garden rubbish only and we have to pay for them (£30 a year). They collect them every fortnight from Feb to Nov.

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