Big Golden Sunset

Too good to miss.


  1. Big golden chips too good to miss too...
    Have a happy golden (white?)weekend, Ax

  2. It was good wasn't it? Glad you caught it.

  3. I was driving home wishing I had my camera the whole way. It was set by the time I got home. Totally stunning!

  4. Simply stunning !!!

  5. That's so pretty, thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  6. Sometimes nature just takes your breath away, and thank you for sharing what you captured this evening. I spent a bit of time scrolling through your past postings and have decided if a blog was fattening, it would be yours. You always have something yummy to share. Yummy!
    Susanne :)

  7. Beautiful pictures! Sunsets are gorgeous here, too, at the moment. Perhaps I can capture today's...

  8. Hey! Love this sunset. Just wanted to say how perfect that movie clip was with your last post on chips. So funny! You may show me the perfect way to make them, but let's face it, what makes them so good are those perfect potatoes to start with, they look fantastic!
    Have you mentioned your Ravillious blanket lately, how is it coming along? If you ever get the "In Crochet" magazine, the blog, www.sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com is mentioned. Have you ever done any squares for Sue and for her blankets? Just wondering, you are such a good crocheter...

    1. The Ravilious blanket is hibernating at the moment. The urge to crochet has deserted me just now. I expect it will return. I haven't made squares for Sibol -not really my thing.

  9. Pati from london3:30 pm GMT

    It looks like a big fire!!! Hot, Pati x

  10. What beautiful photographs and what a happy juxtaposition with your previous post! It's lovely when life gives that kind of pile up of concentrated awareness of beauty in the everyday world. Your chips look absolutely wonderful by the way.

  11. Anonymous7:23 am GMT

    Hi Sue, My immediate thought on viewing your photos was bushfire! That's just what a bushfire can look like in full burn in Australia.
    Then my hear stopped racing and I saw the silhouette of the trees against a gloriously golden backdrop. Just like Magic Bean I my mondey mind then flew to your luscious golden chips in your last entry. Gold all around - warming up for the Olympics methinks.

  12. Made your chips for dinner Sue, they were delicious! Perfect with steak.


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