New year, new start.
'What's your new year's resolution Tom?'
'I'm going to do lots of revision, work really hard at school and be a better boy'
'OK, good plan, but you are already an excellent boy'
'I know'

'George, what's your new year's resolution?'
'What's the point, I'll have forgotten by tomorrow'
'You don't think you should endeavour to study harder at college and not spend your free afternoons playing Skyrim?'
'Not really'

'Katie, what about you?'
'Errmmm, wash my lunchbox up?'
'I should think so. How long has that been in your school bag?'
'Errmm two weeks'

'You could also add; putting my clothes away, not leaving my homework until the last minute and cleaning my teeth'

Charlie, what's your new year's resolution?'
' Should I have one?'
'What should it be?'
'Well I don't know'
'Well, what's yours?'
'Oh the usual; lose a shed load of weight, drink less wine, gin, vodka, beer etc, do exercise stuff, win an olympic medal and maybe write a cookbook'
'Right, d'you want some of my chocolate orange and a glass of wine?'
'Of course'.



  1. Excellent resolutions, Sue - I salute you! Happy new year to you all...

  2. Brilliant! My 2011 resolution was to label everything that went into my freezer - what a rock & roll life :) Am still cooking unidentified objects and hoping they are chicken.

  3. good resolutions. I do not miss the unpredictability of the return of the lunchbox. or the random bits of rotting fruit that would languish in the corner of a bag, only to turn green and hairy.

  4. I am still reeling at the snowdrop. Seriously.

    I cannot think of resolutions.

  5. Happy New Year to you. I half suspect that that two week old sarnie would taste good coming from thr Quince house... Ax

  6. You snuck that cookbook in there as a throwaway line, didn't you, but it caught my eye! Here's to many good things in 2012.

  7. I like how prepared you were with suggestions for your offspring. Very nice.

    And what silverpebble said, only about the rose.

    (I resolve to make a decadent wine-and-chocolate-fueled tour of England to see my blog friends.)

  8. As soon as I saw Silverpebble's comment I had to go look. A snowdrop? THINGS BLOOMING?

    I think we live in different countries.

  9. You are going to write a cookbook..........
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. She didn't claim the lunch box was a science project then? The first, time my youngest tried that I was actually fooled!

    Good resolutions Sue ;D

  11. Put me down for the cookbook. This post made me laugh, your family sounds just like ours, a mixture of 100% apathy and enviable determination. I think you can probably guess which side of the fence I am on.

  12. Love this post, really made me giggle, specially the kids ones, they sound so familiar & the lunch box is def familiar :D
    Happy New Year
    Karen x

  13. Loving the lunch box. The cookbook idea is a goer - I love the 'cookbook' you have shown us previously - all those lovely notes.

  14. Anonymous10:27 am GMT

    Hi Sue You are a woman of my own heart. My son "Mum do you want to get healthy this year" No Why!!!
    Daughter " I'm having my engagement party in February, do you wan't to lose a bit of weight. I'm paying for the party - pour me another glass of wine. Bearing in mind that I'm thinner than she is!!!!!!! Aaahh children you got to love them
    Enjoy your New Year. Sheridan

  15. Happy New Year! I hope you have a lovely 2012 :) xxx

  16. Oh that is too funny. I actually put my hand up to my mouth in horror at the sight of her lunch box, thank goodness blog hasn't invented a smell feature!
    I am working on my own resolutions but naturally I'll have forgotten them before I can write them down! Oh well.
    Happy New Year x

  17. Brilliant!! First good laugh I've had today! Thanks for sharing your laughs with us ...... Happy New Year, look forward to reading your blog thoughout 2012. Fleur xx

  18. Your Charlie is a level headed chap isn't he - knows when to say the right thing!

    Cookbook you say? ;- )

  19. Please Please Please, do the cook book, with your fab pics too. I followed your bread and cinamon rolls-lush. I found your blog at the begining of the hols and have had much so much pleasure reading it from the begining over the x-mas hols and copying some of your recipies. I'd buy the book-so would many others. Jenny, Swindon xxx

  20. Fabulous! The mug I'd left on my office desk was a grim introduction to 2012 this morning. Totally forgot to wash it up and I'm supposed to be a grown up!

    Happy New Year Sue, looking forward to more musings from the Quince Tree this year.

    P.S. Can I put my name down for your cookbook please?
    P.P.S I am ignoring the primrose in my garden - ridiculous!

  21. I think we need to start a trend with reverse resolutions.....as in I am going to drink more, eat more and then maybe the opposite will happen. Lets face it every year we say we will eat and drink less ;)

    And I love the close up of your very own penicillin ;)

  22. The cookbook with a chapter on what you do with your leftovers please.

  23. Ah yes, resolutions. I have blogged about those myself. I have given up resolving to get fit, drink less, lose weight but I quite like your approach of resolving and then just carrying on regardless as an alternative.

  24. Haha! I enjoyed your resolutions and feel much the same. Was informed by No2 Boy that I could probably do with losing a bit of "wobbliness" (charming) but just can't resist some 'chips 'n' dips' with my G&T while I cook dinner!
    Sandra x

  25. It's a long time since I've seen any kind of children's lunch box but I have to confess I used to have them left like that as well.

    I've sort of made resolutions too this year, only because I've been inspired by blogs showing all the achievements over the last year and seen all the boxes ticked off. Usually it's not for me at all. However, I compared my lack of productivity and so I have got some goals/parameters in place. Trouble is that I won't give a hoot if I don't fulfil them.

    I hope if you do a book, you will do it your way, no bossy editors please. Dotty angel produced her book c/o an independent publisher and a fine looking product it seems to be from what I have seen. Posy Gets Cosy did all the styling and photos for her embroidery book herself and it is one of the nicest and best produced books I have and totally represents her own style.

    With all your skills, cooking, writing and photography you could definitely do it beautifully, and you should!

    Wishing you a very happy, full and productive New Year.

  26. PLEEEEEAAAASE write a cookbook, Sue!!

  27. Anonymous8:57 pm GMT

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud! :D The lunch box is unfortunately familiar...although I still think being asked by the window cleaner if I knew about the pile of mouldy sandwiches on the porch roof takes some beating.
    (G was having an "I'm too busy playing to eat lunch" phase & to escape my wroth was chucking them out of her bedroom window...must have been half a terms worth!)

  28. Anonymous9:00 pm GMT

    PS Put me down on the pre-order list for your cookbook please!

  29. Oh God! I've just found one of those lunchboxes which, Boy the Elder is ashamed to admit, is very old indeed. I am too frightened to open it.

    My resolutions are similar to yours but with an opposite take on the alchohol. I am determined to drink more of it.

    Happy New Year!!!

  30. Pati from London9:45 am GMT

    Here's to your cookbook Sue! My resolution this year is to sleep more before they have to intern me somewhere due to sleep depravation.... Look forward to more posts this year! Cheers! x Pati


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