Fried Egg and Chorizo Sandwich

This went down really well with my lot this evening.
Inspired by this.

I don't really enjoy frying eggs. They spit at me, and the white of one egg invariably remains inexplicably translucent and jelly-like while that of its neighbour is firm and opaque. I generally end up flipping it 'over easy' American-style, but I don't really like them like that. I like a firm white and a runny yolk.
I may dislike frying eggs, but I do love eating them when the mood strikes. As it did today.

Use a good crusty roll. Mine call themselves 'pains rustique'. They were pretty big so I cut them in half crossways and served each person one half.
I used salami style chorizo which I frizzled briefly on a hot frying pan before frying my eggs.
The children had just chorizo and egg in their sandwiches, but for me and Charlie I put a layer of rocket on the bread followed by a roasted red pepper (from a jar but you could roast your own peppers, and if I were making this in the summer when UK peppers are available I would do that), before adding the chorizo and finally the egg.

Quick, easy and fabulous.



  1. I like your 'chopping-board-still-life' photo.

    Think I'll go & make a quick bacon sarnie...(no eggs in the house at the moment!)

  2. YUMMY! Could you possibly make breakfast here someday pleeeeeease? LOL! Cx

  3. With the exception of bread rolls, I have all the ingredients for that for lunch tomorrow. Thank you dear Sue.

  4. Oh my. I've just had my supper and you STILL have me drooling.

    The perfect fried egg is an art - I, like you, can't face an egg with anything but a firm white and runny yolk. Plus, it NEEDS to be frilly around the edge.

    Picky? Me?


  5. Haven't had a fried egg in a very long time.

  6. Frying and egg is a hit n' miss affair, but I was told to put a lid on the pan just for a couple of seconds or so just as the white of the egg turns white, the steam that is formed cooks the white that looks like jelly.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. That's making my mouth water! I'm off to the shops tomorrow to get the ingredients - could be a new lunch dish to add to the repertoire XX

  8. I love a fried egg sandwich, especially on a Saturday morning if I have overindulged the night before.

    I always put a glass lid on the frying pan,and get perfectly cooked whites and runny yolks.

  9. Lid on the pan you say - Seems blindingly obvious now. Thanks Ruby and KC!

  10. Right now I could just eat an egg and bacon sandwich,the bread would have to be white, with a coffee, its been a long time.

  11. Pati from london10:20 pm GMT

    This seems like a very Spanish combo to me!! :-). I would have used cooking chorizo instead (the one you buy whole) and cut it in smalll pieces and fry them. This with french fries, fried eggs and bread is a very basic but typical dish in Spain. A healthier option with cooking chorizo however, is to boil it in cider as a whole (can't remember for how long but could find out) as it becomes moist and full of flavour but the fat disappears. This ciders one is also great as a tapa with bread. X Pati

  12. Could happily eat one of those right this minute. My boys are chorizo fiends - think this would go down well with them.

  13. I avoid frying eggs by poaching them. Much nicer.

    My husband would eat that every day of the week, I think. I have to limit our chorizo intake through the power of the shopping trolley.

  14. Honestly Sue you food styling and photography bowls me over every time! I'm not a meat eater but I still want one of those sandwiches, they look so good!!!

  15. Caroline8:33 pm GMT

    to cook the top of an egg to get rid of the "snot" you need to fry the egg as per normal, when the bottom is cooked put a splash of water in the frying pan and then cover with a plate or a lid, the steam that is trapped will cook the top.

    Enjoy! Oh and I love your blog

  16. Caroline, thank you for that tip, i will try it next time I'm egg-frying.


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