Saturday Kitchen

What to do with a big bowl of leftover mash (and a few peas) ?
A spicy spin on potato pancakes.

1 ½ lbs of mash mixed with 1 lb of plain flour, some grated ginger, garlic, chopped mint, cayenne and some salt.

Fried in a non-stick pan with a little butter until patched with brown.

Eaten with some leftover vegetable curry to which I added those few peas.
Tom ate about ten of them; George said they were 'meh'. You can't please everyone.

That was lunch today. For supper we had a pie.
Squash and camembert pie
Ready made butter puff pastry filled with chunks of roast crown prince squash (the one with the duck egg blue skin and bright orange flesh), roast red onions, rosemary, sun-dried tomatoes and Camembert.


Chocolate tart to finish. This time I used less chocolate, about 150g making the filling softer and less rich.
Tom said it was too chocolatey. I didn't know anything could be too chocolatey.



  1. They look delicious. You are very good at assembling ordinary things into better things.

  2. your cooking is my way of cooking..i love the way you alchemically produce beautiful food from humble ingredients..

  3. You are too good for them - come cook for me instead!

  4. I didn't know anything could be too chocolatey either, in fact I refuse to believe it!

    All the food here looks utterly scrumptious. As Jane says, what you do in the kitchen is definitely a kind of alchemy.

  5. How dare anyone say anything is too chocolatey!!! It can only be a man thing.
    Love and stuff xx

  6. It all looks lovely I will certainly use the leftover potato and peas pancakes idea. Only a male could say something was too chocolately.

  7. You certainly have your critics there. As for me I refuse to believe your cooking could be "too" anything, apart from scrumptious. You are like someone who dresses with great style, it is the putting the items together that really matters.

  8. Nothing can be too chocolately!
    Must ask will you be writing a cook book one day..........may I order a copy now, your recipes are so delicious! I can tell you I have made a few!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. Anonymous12:01 pm GMT

    I echo Ali's comment - and I promise never to tell you anything is too chocolatey!
    (although I might be too full of the spicy potato pancakes (of which I would have stolen everyone else's share) to try much of any pudding)

  10. Tom would have loved the chocolate pudding at school , when I was little. Pale brown , it tasted exactly the same as the pink version (Strawberry , apparently) and the yellow (Custard , of course) .
    Spicey potato cakes sound delicious and must be tried tomorrow ....

  11. You conjured all that up in the space of one day? Magician!

  12. Magician is right! And I am so glad to have found a blogger that honours leftovers,I really do detest waste.

    Mind you, your 'leftovers' are rather special!

  13. Come and cook for me, I won't complain, I promise! That pie looked amazing.


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