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Yesterday morning I went to Tesco Express to pick up next week's copy of the Radio Times.
It's the Enigma puzzle I like. 
The only RTs Tesco had were the bumper Christmas editions which begin on the 17th of December.
I picked one up and took it to the cashier avoiding the self-service tills (I like a bit of service).
'Where are next week's Radio Times?'
'This one goes right through till after Christmas'
'Yes, I can see that, but I want next week's'
'This one goes right through till after Christmas'
'I understand that, but I want next  week's, the one that starts on Saturday the 10th and finishes on Friday the 16th'
'This one goes goes right through till after Christmas'
'Yes, fabulous, I will certainly buy it but what about next week?
This one goes......'
'Isn't there any telly next week?'
Comprehension dawns 'Oh, they've been taken off the shelves because this is the Christmas edition'
' But the Radio Times comes out on Tuesdays, it's 9 o clock on Thursday and you've taken them all away already?'
'Well it's the Christmas edition you see'
'I'll try Waitrose shall I?'

This morning I went to Waitrose where they had a big stand with all the Christmas TV guides on it, and there on their usual shelves were all of next week's TV guides.
Just one of the many reasons I favour Waitrose.



  1. Yeah.........Been there! Try those little newsagents, I did and got what I wanted!!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Waitrose also has Duchy Originals...what other reason do you need to shop there? Oh! and milk that has not been homogonised....civilisation.


  3. Ah yes, Waitrose, one of life's little pleasures.

  4. Thank you for reminding me why I don't go to Tesco unless I am absolutely desperate. Can't actually remember the last time I went there. And just for your information, guess how many Tescos there are in Cambridge... Six. 6! And they aer the ones I know about. Why??? Ax

  5. Waitrose - one of the things I look forward to when visiting the UK - also, the public library, shopping in Boots but not, perhaps, the weather!

    Angela, in Spain

  6. Through the post - I never miss a copy! Next week's did come out a week early though!

  7. I only ever buy a Radio Times at Christmas - not quite sure why must be one of lifes unwritten rules!!

  8. Veg Artist, I thought about that, but don't you end up with a plastic wrapper to dispose of each week? Or does your paper shop deliver it?

  9. Had a similar experience in W H Smith and eventually got next weeks in the local Spar! Not a supermarket fan I'm afraid - local Waitrose has a wonderful view from the carpark though.

  10. Brilliant Sue just Brilliant!!! You couldn`t make it up could you Lol!!
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  11. just one of the many reasons to hate Tesco!

    I love waitrose but I don't have a local one :(

  12. And you didn't throttle anybody. Well done, you restrained woman.

  13. I think I'll try the 'but it's Christmas' excuse- I wonder how far it'll get me?

  14. I used to favour Waitrose too. Indeed, I miss them since I left the UK. I may travel back especially for my Easter Egg, and, should I happen to want one that week, a Radio Times.

  15. My friend asked me yesterday if I'd bought the RT. I'm sorry to say the significance passed me by, but then I'm not a watcher of the box.
    I do feel terribly smug that my nearest 3 supermarkets are all Waitrose : )

  16. It has the radio times as well as the telly times Dragonfly.

  17. I can well imagine, and not funny so I won't laugh. Well, OK it is in the telling but so annoying if it is you having this kind of conversation.

    I wouldn't bother finding out the telly for Christmas. Load of old tat sadly. Christmas day I shall watch Downton Abbey and Strictly Come Dancing. That's it, there is no more. I hardly watch any TV normally but at Christmas as there are not many of us to amuse ourselves we do like a bit. I think we shall be in communal book reading mode. There are a few bits and pieces over the whole season though.

    I did a mini presentation once on Waitrose and Aldi's. Both my favourite supermarkets and yet at the opposite ends of the spectrum. It's because they both do what they do so well. Waitrose customer service is the best but the check out people in my Aldi are the fastest ever and the store is the most efficient of any. It's quite peaceful in both of them and I cherry pick what I want from them both. I like that I can have lovely cake and coffee in Waitrose too.

  18. Anonymous4:44 pm GMT

    Ah, customer service. I wanted to buy some Christmas presents this week - first shop closed all day and next two didn't open until 10. Waitrose of course was open, so lots of food & drink presents this year.

  19. SimplyHelen5:42 pm GMT

    Dear oh dear! Thanks for letting me know that the christmas edition of the RadioTimes is out! I only buy it once a year, I will make sure I purchase my copy from Waitrose out of principle!

  20. Ahhhh, I'm so sorry, but I do have to laugh - how typical.

    Strangely, I was looking for the Christmas edition but only found next weeks'. You can't win!

    S x

  21. Anonymous8:32 pm GMT

    The trick with Radio Times is from the start of Dec they come out way in advance. its not a Tesco issue. Used to buy RT myself.

  22. I realise the RT Christmas issue comes out at least a week ahead of time as do all the TV guides. That they should replace the upcoming week's issue is pure stupidity and bad customer service on Tesco's part. It absolutely is a Tesco issue otherwise I would not have been able to purchase next week's edition elsewhere.

  23. Ah. The 'Trose as it is known in our household. If you listen carefully you can hear choirs of angels singing when the doors open....
    Shopping is a pleasure indeed at The 'Trose. Sigh.

  24. Yep, wish we had a Waitrose - one can but dream. The Enigma crossword is a real friend when waiting for a meal to cook, I find.

  25. PS If you subscribe and get the RT through the post there is the pesky plastic wrapping but also, every so often, there's a little extra magazine with more puzzles including an Enigma.

  26. Oh my gosh I didn't know you got Home and away, wow!!!!!
    x Sandi

  27. I adore Waitrose, mostly because their meat is free range and ethically farmed, and everything is just that bit nicer.

    Glad you got your RT, your remark about there being no TV made me laugh out loud. The staff in my local Tesco Express are usually equally hopeless!


  28. Anonymous6:55 pm GMT

    I'm with you on the Radio Times issue..what were Sainsbury's thinking? I went and spent at Waitrose...

  29. Pati from London9:28 am GMT

    he,he... am amazed you had the patience not to get angry with the cashier at tesco. I would have done... these things drive me up the wall.... x Pati (catching up on your posts...)

  30. Anonymous1:00 pm GMT

    Nearest Waitrose? 100 miles+
    Get it by subscription, cheaper too....


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