The Quince Tree at Christmas

On Christmas Eve after boiling and baking a ham, making 4 dozen sausage rolls, another batch of florentines, an orange jelly, a trifle (including two lots of custard), and griddling chicken for supper I decided that Danish Christmas rice pudding with cranberry compote and Cranberry buttermilk breakfast cake could go hang. 
They may or may not make an appearance over the next week or two.

Christmas Successes

~ Mincemeat sauce for ice cream (pictured above). I was very pleased with this quick improvised pud.
Half a jar of mincemeat, a spoonful of soft brown sugar, a knob of butter, a slug of rum and the juice of an orange heated in a small pan and poured hot over ice cream.

~ My mum was very pleased with her Christmas selection box and promptly told my dad he couldn't have any.

~ A harmonica makes a good stocking filler for a musical teenager.

~ Although horrendously expensive, a Superdry coat for an 11 year old girl is worth it because it means she now actually wears a coat when she goes outside.

Christmas Fails

~ My mum's sprouts. Sorry mum, but you know they aren't supposed to be yellow. The rest of Christmas lunch was extremely delicious though.

~ Going to watch the match by way of the pub first and the players' bar afterwards results in falling through the front door completely rat-arsed and your wife throwing your tea in the bin.
'Is dad drunk? '
'How long does drunkyness last?'
'Oh, I think I'll be reminding him of this one for a long, long time'



  1. Hi Sue,
    I love reading your blog - beautiful pictures and invariably interesting words.
    Happy Christmas and a very happy new year too.
    PS. Just wondering - was "as" meant to be "at" in today's heading?

  2. What is it with mothers and sprouts? I think it must be a generation thing as my Mum does exactly the same ~ all veg are boiled to within an inch of their life and are not cooked properly until they are soggy and beyond recognition!! Glad to hear you had a good christmas though! :O)x

  3. Yes, Harriet! Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. hahahaha, oh dear, hope the 'drunkyness' has worn off.
    At least Mum cooked the sprouts, one year I prepared them on Christmas Eve, put them in the fridge and there they remained, put out the Christmas dinner - where's the sprouts? Never been able to live that one down either.
    Carol xx

  5. Nice to read about your Christmas Sue. Delicious as they do sound, I quite understand why the rice pudding etc could wait! What a busy Christmas Eve you had.

    The mincemeat sauce looks yum and definitely one to try. I am such a sprout lover that although I prefer them on the firmer side I will take them any way at all!

    Just looking at bare arms in cold weather makes me feel cold too, so yes anything that means a coat gets worn has to be a good thing.

    Hope you are having a well earned break and enjoying all the festive food you cooked for your family.

  6. All of that looks lovely. I see what you mean about the price of the coat, but well worth it for the outcome I think.

    My OH totally forgot how to cook sprouts this year, twice they came out very underdone. Everything else was delicious thankfully.

    Your poor husband, is not going to live that down for some time is he? Paid twice for it I think...

  7. You keep me in stitches. I love your perspective on things. Happy Holidays.

  8. My mum used to cook the sprouts (and most other vegetables) until you could mash them. I didn't know what a decent sprout was until I cooked my own.

    I love reading your blog, especially your pithy outlook on life. Wishing you a happy New Year.

  9. I am glad you had a great Christmas...I trust the drunkness resulted in a hangover! Next time please don't throw one of your delicious meals away...you could have a Blog Give Away...I am sure some of us would be prepared to travel at short notice to collect :)

  10. The drunkyness would have qualified as a fail here too! My dearly beloved failed in his own unique way ... first, having insisted he take responsibility for cooking the turkey he "lost" an hour on Christmas day, leaving me juggling things trying to keep veg from reducing to mush, and then on Boxing Day, after struggling in high winds to wire up a falling down ivy in the garden that was in danger of bringing a fence panel with it, he decided to trim the thing a bit, only to cut right through the new wire ... he can't even blame alcohol, it's been like living with Frank Spencer lately!
    Right, we have ice cream, I'm off to have a go at that sauce :D

  11. Yes,our teenage boy also thrilled with the harmonica in his stocking.
    Was the match in question Warriors v Leicester Tigers by any chance? Enough to drive any man to drink.
    And my Christmas present from outlaws... a fig tree.Very nice.
    From parents ....a Quince Tree
    PS. Step dad(mature photography student) LOVED his Quince Tree Calendar.
    Mincemeat sauce- what a fab idea, that will do for tonight's vanilla ice cream I think!

  12. Yes, Kate it was indeed Warriors v Tigers -bit of a foregone conclusion I thought. Bit like the hangover really.

    A fig tree and a quince tree! how good is that?

  13. Anonymous9:20 pm GMT

    Well Sue, at least you had sprouts! We had Christmas lunch at Moms...and she didn't do any!?! (Although I think I was the only one upset by this fact)
    Hope the drunkyness resulted in a suitable hangover!

  14. Anonymous9:26 am GMT

    That mincemeat sauce looks a winner. I've got half a jar of rum soaked fruit sitting next to a started jar of mincemeat so that's pudding sorted for this evening.

  15. I used to have an elderly aunt whose husband had come home late on the first day of marriage after the honeymoon. She threw away his tea and said she would never cook for him again. And she didn't, not ever.

  16. There are still leaves on your quince tree, does it normally hold on to a few leaves this late?

    Sounds like you've had a very delicious Christmas (sprouts aside).

    Wishing you a happy 2012!



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