It's Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas

Just a bit.
The tree has been bought and put in the garden.
We lit our Advent candle for the third Sunday in Advent.
A few Christmas cards have appeared but none have been sent yet.
I made some quincemeat
(Nigella - How to be a Domestic Goddess)
And some ordinary mincemeat.
I pinched some of my mum's holly.
And put a wreath on our front door.
 I finished my Christmas shopping and bought a bottle of Baileys'.
The tree will be brought into the house on Saturday to be tinselled and baubled.
That's when things get really Christmassy here.



  1. Looks like you are on top of it all. I have sent the few cards I usually do which is very previous for me!

  2. Lovely photos Sue, as always. It's not looking remotely Christmas here, I really must get on with the job. Christmassy things are happening mind you, just not to the house.

  3. You seem to have got it all well covered. No Christmas here yet at all! Well apart from one or two presents. Can't decide on some family ones - no ideas at all about what to get unfortunately. Still lots of food to get for store cupboards etc as well as treats and so on. Not to mention the Christmas dinner. It's all rather laborious and the bit I could do without. I don't have a car so it involves many outings carrying very heavy bags. Many things don't get done because of this - I usually decide I just can't carry the marzipan or another bag of flour etc. Each Christmas I vow to get a dreaded trolley but other people's annoy me so much I haven't yet.

  4. Ooh, your post has really got me in the festive mood!

  5. I think I have got it covered apart from posting the cards. Christmas lights and candles warm the dark days. The dog goes berserk every time a parcel comes from Amazon. I think I need a lie down.

  6. Dear Sue,

    In honour of Making Winter Week I have linked to your blog. You may remember your kindly left an answer to my question 'What Colour Is Winter?' A few weeks back? I have tried to incorporate a few of those wonderful answers I received into my latest little creation including yours.

    Goodness, I hope that makes sense!

    Enjoy Advent....


  7. Quincemeat. I'd give my eye teeth to try some. I'm hoping Mrs TH will oblige.

  8. Your beautiful pictures and words create a perfect poetic post, Sue! Thanks for making the time to share with us. Joy to you and yours.

  9. What sort of tree is that? I like the slender branches - we don't have anything like that in the central US of A.

    Enjoy your festivities!

  10. Pati from London9:30 am GMT

    Here we've been Christmassy with the deco in full swing for over a week now... I love it!!! Christmas cards.... oh well... that's a different story :-) , Pati x

  11. Anonymous11:19 am GMT

    Yes, Saturday is kick off for us too tree-wise.

  12. Gosh, is it really a year since you fried your feet?

  13. How did you get on with the quincemeat, and have you made it before? When I tried to make it it was revolting and I wonder if I did something wrong?

  14. Haven't tried it yet! I'm letting it mature for a week or two. It's the first time I've made it. Bit worried now. Will let you know.

  15. Yours certainly looks better than mine did. I think it was something to do with the ground cloves. Do let me know, because if it's a success I'll give it another try for next year.


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