I'm embracing the cranberry this Christmas.  A cranberry is not just for Christmas though.
Diana Henry in her fabulous book Roast Figs Sugar Snow: Food to Warm the Soul says;
 'We could do with the cranberry's tartness and piercing colour right into the spring, and they'll certainly keep that long, providing stunning sorbets and bringing bursts of flavour and brightness to crumbles, cobblers, bread-and-butter puddings, tarts, cakes and compotes (they are spectacular poached gently in a sugar syrup and mixed with slices of blood orange), right until the end of March.'
Lots of good ideas there, one of the things I love about Diana Henry is that as well as recipes she provides lots of ideas which is great for cooks like me who like to make it up as they go along.

I've already made some cranberry sauce so that we can have it in our turkey sandwiches on Christmas evening. We are going to my parents' for Christmas lunch and I'm hoping mum will provide me with some leftovers. It's the first time in about 15 years that I haven't done lunch. I'm quite relieved not to be doing it this year; remember what happened last year?. Basting one's foot with goose fat is not a good idea. Don't do it.

For our Christmas Eve pudding I am going to make Danish Christmas rice pudding with cranberry compote and almonds from Roast Figs Sugar Snow.

For breakfast on Christmas Day I am going to make cranberry buttermilk breakfast cake. Doesn't it look good? Yes, I know I dismissed special Christmas breakfasts as 'nonsense' last year, but what with not having a turkey to cook this year I though 'why not?'. The batter can be made the night before and baked in the morning while you apply yourself to unwrapping presents.

We have family coming for Boxing Day, and to drink I'm going to make a large jug of poinsettia from Nigella Christmas which is sparkling wine, grand marnier and cranberry juice.
For the non-drinkers, which now I come to think of it will probably be everyone except me, I'm making Nigella's mistletoe which is ginger beer and lime cordial.

I'm having a short break from posting, just a little one, I'll be back with pictures of food next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. 
Thank you for reading and commenting I really appreciate it.
A carol from our lovely cathedral from me to you.



  1. ...and a Very Merry Time to all you quinces. Was just thinking about your goosey incident yesterday for some reason. Am so pleased there won't be a rerun in 2011. Been a great year for QT reading, thank you, Ax

  2. Have a good one! I am braving a goose this year, but will be wearing wellies whenever I take it out of the oven so that I don't follow in your footsteps!

  3. Have a lovely (and non-eventful) Christmas! You've just made me want to go and have a nice peruse of Nigella and the Sugar Snow book, both of which I have and haven't had a look at for a while!

  4. Merry Christmas Sue - you aren't the only one hoping to return from Christmas with a doggie bag of leftovers!

  5. I do hope that you all have a wonderful time together and enjoy everything that is given to you.

    Peace and Joy.

  6. Have a great Christmas Sue! Looking forward to your return already!

  7. I shall delurk, as a regular reader of your blog, to tell you that my husband made that Danish rice pudding with cranberry compote last night. It was nice - different - but it took us a lot longer than it said in the recipe to cook the rice, and thicken it up. He has made the port and cranberry jelly out of the book too, which was lovely. We love her recipes too, especially Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons. Happy Christmas. Really enjoy your blog.

  8. Ione, thank you for that and thanks for reading. I have recently taken to cooking rice pud on the stove and I will definitely allow more than 15 mins for it to cook. She has some lovely variations on stove top rice puds in Food From Plenty.

  9. Merry Christmas Sue, have a lovely time xx

  10. Happy Christmas! Sounds like you'll be making lots of yummy things.

  11. Have a very happy Christmas Sue and thank you for your wonderful blog. xx

  12. Merry Christmas Sue, thanks for all your interesting, colourful and tasty inspiration over the year. You might like to warn your family that he (or she) who finds the whole almond in the Danish Rice Pudding will be the next to marry!

  13. Some delicious sounding cranberry ideas.
    Have a very Happy Christmas and stand clear of any hot fat!
    Carol xx

  14. A very, very Happy and cranberry filled Christmas to you and your family Sue. It's been lovely getting to know you this year xxx

  15. Elaine Brown8:37 pm GMT

    Dear Sue - I hope that you and your family have the best of holidays. Reading your blog has brought me much happiness since I discovered it a while back so I wish that happiness back to you a hundred times! Merry Christmas!

  16. This post is perfect for me, the American cranberry and the lovely English choir.
    Merry Christmas!

  17. Have a wonderful Christmas Sue. I am hoping to get more organised in the kitchen dept next year. I will be looking to you for inspiration. xx

  18. Happy Christmkas Sue.

  19. Merry Christmas Sue and thank you for all your inspirational posts this December.

  20. Anonymous10:32 am GMT

    Merry Christmas Sue.

    The one who finds the whole almond in the Danish Rice Pudding (in Danish risalamande) wins a little present traditionally a marzipan shaped pig with a red ribbon bow around it's belly. :)

    xx Helle :)

  21. Merry Christmas Sue!

    Thank you for sharing bits from your life.

    The one who finds the whole almond in the Danish Rice Pudding (in Danish risalamande) wins a little present traditionally a marzipan shaped pig with a red ribbon bow around it's belly.

    xx Helle :)


    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_URi7Oq1vfMw/SvQnDHw9gvI/AAAAAAAAADA/O8YkBF7Tj5Y/s200/marcipangris.jpg :)

  22. Anonymous10:39 am GMT

    Sorry, I just posted twice right above this post. :)

    Helle :)

  23. Anonymous7:14 pm GMT

    Can I come round to yours for tea please? Thank you for writing & photographing such a lovely blog, I find it inspiring!
    Merry Christmas you & yours.

  24. merry Christmas Sue, may it be a fantastic feast filled day

  25. Merry christmas to all of the Quince Tree clan.
    I'm so stuffed I can hardly waddle to the computer. We are not long home from our all day family Christmas but I've been stretched out in my recliner chair since we stumbled back through the door!
    Hope you have a nice day too.
    I'm not moving much tomorrow... or eating again either ( famous last words ?!!)

  26. Anonymous2:11 am GMT

    Delurking also. I've become an avid reader. I made pots of your lemon curd to pass out this year as gifts. They proved easy and they were a big hit.
    You've also inspired me to begin making homemade stock with leftover bones, oh and I made mincepies too. Thank you for your beautiful pictures, no nonsense approach to things, and your fantastic recipes. Also, thanks for doing your job well - I think that you are practicing an art and doing meaningful work here, and I'm glad to have stumbled across this great blog.
    Kind Regards,
    This Australian blog post reminded me a little of your approach.



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