Weekend To Do

This Sunday is Stir Up Sunday, the last Sunday before Advent Sunday.
So-called because in the Book of Common Prayer the collect for that day is:

Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people; that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may of thee be plenteously rewarded; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

It has become the traditional day on which to stir up your Christmas pudding if you haven't already done so.


Thank you to all those who have emailed me saying they would like a Quince Tree calendar.
The cost of the calendar will be £12 for UK and European orders and £15 for other overseas destinations. 
This takes into account the cost of printing, postage, packing plus my photography and design of each sampler.



  1. I was unaware of the origin of Stir up Sunday because I was not brought up in the C of E tradition. Thomas Cranmer's language is beautiful isn't it?

  2. For some reason I was given lots (3) Christmas puddings last year so I shall be making mincemeat & Christmas cake instead...

    The origins of how you get from 'stirring up the wills of the faithful' to making a christmas pud still elude me...(unless it's something to do with the fruit of good works?)

  3. Ooh a reminder - much needed. Thats our job for the weekend then :)

  4. Thrifty Household, I think it's just the stirring up bit that relates to puddings.

  5. Sue, posting that to-do list was a very kind thing to do ! And I now feel very silly for not doing my research properly before posting my comment re The Killing a few days back.

    Actually, sod that, life's too short for feeling silly - I'll not end up missing it, and that's all that matters.

    I am not making a pudding this year as we decided we did not actually really like it that much. I'm gonna be making chelly this weekend instead - that's Christmassy enough, right ?

  6. Anonymous6:20 pm GMT

    I'm all prepared...Christmas cake though, not pudding as I'm the only one that likes pud.

    And I've learned something today! I knew that the Sunday before Advent was stir-up Sunday, but I didn't know the origins of the expression. Will share that nugget with the chilren as they help me stir in Sunday.

  7. I hadn't realised this was Stir up Sunday. I always make my own puddings so not sure how this passed me by! Sunday it is then.

  8. I would love a calendar please x

  9. Molly41, if you would like a calendar please email me at thequincetree@live.co.uk

    Hurry there are only a few left!

  10. Hey, I am so happy that you have pointed this out to us. And I am Episopalian too!
    My mother in law in England makes a wonderful Christmas pudding, and with that cream! Oh, it's so good.

  11. And here I thought it was called Stirring Up Sunday because it was when I began to whip myself into a frenzy over gift purchasing/making...


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