Reasons to be Cheerful

1) Homemade granola with home-made yogurt and homemade damson purée for breakfast.
Proper lovely it was.

2) A new series of Rev is starting next Thursday on BBC2.
 I adore Tom Hollander and he is so good in this role.
 Thursday's episode has Hugh Bonneville and Ralph Fiennes guest starring. How good is that?
Here's a clip from the last series featuring Simon McBurney as the fabulously unsympathetic Archdeacon and Tom Hollander as the Rev Adam Smallbone.

3) Fruit art

I don't know whose creation this is.* 
I'm afraid I ate the one on the top.

4) The perfect gift. From my brother. It was absolutely delicious.

5) Egg, chips and beans for supper.
Sometimes inspiration deserts me.
There might even be a rasher of bacon each too.

* It was Katie


  1. Anonymous3:10 pm GMT

    REV! Oh joy! How did I miss the fact that it was back? Isn't it fantastic? So clever and funny and irreverent - sometimes wince-inducingly so (is that even a word?). I went to a CofE primary and grew up amongst angsty lapsed Catholics, so although not religious myself, I still find I take the odd sharp intake of breath when vicars and the like take a bashing (the issue of bashing the bishop being one of the more memorable moments from last series).

  2. I think that is a pretty inspired menu for tea :) :) bet there wasn't any left-overs!!

  3. Not had it yet Meppybn, but there probably won't be.

  4. Well.......that what we've got for our tea too tonight!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Anonymous4:13 pm GMT

    I love eggs chips and beans (peas for ds) - eggs fresh from the hens and real chips - such a cheap meal deserves heinz beans though!

    Love Rev!

  6. How did I miss Rev? Must try to watch the last series.

  7. I missed that too, but I've caught the drift by watching all the available clips thank you - so roll on the next series.

  8. The more I read your blog, the more struck I am by how similar our tastes are! Only last week I was doing a little googling to see if there was a new series of Rev in the works!

  9. Didn't Rev used to have Miles Jupp in? I liked him.

    I could probably use your culinary expertise with a little problem I have. But if inspiration has deserted you, I'll give you a minute.

  10. Lynne Gill9:17 pm GMT

    Oooh that quince wine looks a bit good! Is it widely available, would you know?

    And yes, egg and chips - with or without beans, bacon or sausages - always evokes a teensy bit of guilt if served up as a 'dinner'. (Because my mum wouldn't consider it a main meal) but oh, it is delish.

  11. All day long I have been thinking that I would make eggs, potatoes and bacon for supper. Must be in the air, even over here across the pond.

  12. Hope we can see this British show, we it will take about two or three years to make it acoss the pond.
    I love Tom Hollander! Did you ever see him in the movie called "The Very Thought of You" with Joseph Fiennes, Rufus Sewell, Ray Winstone and Monica Potter? It is one of our favorites!

  13. Quince wine - there is surely no greater delight. Someone gave me sage jelly the other day, and I thought of you - you always find or make the perfect combination of things that are exotic yet homely.

  14. Egg and chips and, for me at least, mushrooms, and a glass of quince wine ... yup, I could do cheerful after that ;D

  15. Lynne Gill, Google tells me that you can order quince wine and many other delicious sounding drinks from Lyme Bay Winery.


    KayG, Rev might be a bit too rude for some. It isn't anti God but the narrow-minded may take it that way. I love it because it portrays a man of God as an ordinary man.I will check out that film, thank you.

  16. Oooo eggs, chips and beans - I've not had that in yonks. With some crusty white bread for butties. And a big mug of Builders tea.
    I think I know what we're having for tea today. :o)

    Love and stuff xx

  17. Hey!
    It's doubtful that the show would offend me. I do have friends that I know wouldn't like it, so I do understand what you mean.
    Thank you for showing this on your blog so I can remember and look out for it!
    Hope you get to see "The Very Thought of You", all those gorgeous Englishmen fighting over the beautiful American, don't know why I love it so! ;-)

  18. Can't wait for Rev. - what an inspired idea and Mr Hollander is so beautiful. Apparently he auditioned for Frodo in Lord of the Rings but he was turned down for just that reason.

  19. WH, what a shame he was turned down. He would have made a much, much better Frodo than Elijah Wood, although he was probably considered too old for the part as well.

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