Rainy Day Muffins

A cold, rainy, windy day calls for something sweet and warm. I remembered seeing a recipe for jam doughnut muffins in How To Be a Domestic Goddess . This is not that recipe but my version of it.
I used my basic muffin recipe and added coconut and jam.

Coconut Jam Doughnut Muffins

Mix in a bowl
9 oz plain flour
1 level tbsp of baking powder
half a tsp of salt
4 oz sugar
A handful of desiccated coconut (sorry, I forgot to weigh it)

Mix in a jug
3 oz melted butter
1 beaten egg
8 fl oz milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

Pour wet into dry and combine. Don't overwork the mixture but make sure there is no dry mixture left.
Grease a 12 hole muffin tin with butter. Don't use paper muffin cases for these or you won't be able to roll them in the butter and sugar once they're baked and that is really the whole point of this recipe.

Fill each muffin cup just under halfway with the muffin batter. Place a teaspoon of red jam (I used raspberry and redcurrant) on top of the batter in each muffin cup. Don't be tempted to put more jam in or it will leak out of your muffins and mess up the sugary coating.
Top the jam with another spoonful of batter using it all up and covering the jam completely.

Bake at 200°c/ 180°c fan oven for about 20 mins. I left mine for 22 mins and they were perfect.
While they are baking melt 6oz butter and weigh out 4 oz sugar. 

When you have taken the muffins out of the oven, let them cool for just a few minutes before carefully removing them from the tin. Using a couple of spoons dip a muffin in melted butter making sure the whole thing is coated. Then roll gently in sugar. Do the same with all the muffins.
Hand to wet children when they come home from school without their coats (again).

November's sampler.
This has to be one of my favourite samplers. I love those rich brocade colours. 



  1. These muffins look really good, perfect for a cold, rainy day.
    You have a lovely blog, by the way, also perfect for a cold, rainy day!

  2. I hope your kids appreciate how lucky they are...they will never want to leave home :)

  3. Anonymous5:37 pm GMT

    I don't think coats are allowed at secondary school these days. Those look delicious, I think I might try making them tomorrow - as reward for being dragged on walk with dog (all three off school).

  4. Mine are off school and college tomorrow too.

    And what is it about coats and secondary schools? I'm sure I wore a coat to school in the winter.

  5. I agree with you about the November sampler, gorgeous colours!

  6. Much nicer than actual doughnuts, which I've only ever theoretically liked. I guess you could use stewed apple instead of jam, but maybe then the children wouldn't love you any more?

  7. Oh my....I am not usually attracted to muffins but I feel these could covert me!

    Beautiful images too.

  8. Oh goodness ... dare I make these ... would I ever be able to stop eating them?

    Hubby has just looked over my shoulder, said yum, and asked were they made with quince jelly ... now there's a thought!

  9. A parallel universe - I made jam filled muffins today too, also just using my normal muffin recipe. Mine were perhaps a little healthier - not quite as much suger and half and half wholemeal to ordinary flour. All now gone, we had friends round who helped eat them.
    Lovely sampler.

  10. Anonymous10:08 am GMT

    Those muffins look delicious!
    I remember 'losing' my coat in the first term at high school. Not because everyone else did, but because mine was so awfully hideous and I hated it enough to go coatless for the next five years.

  11. Your muffins looked delicious. I love the autumnal colours of your November sampler. Best wishes, Pj x

  12. Lynne Gill7:42 pm GMT

    Oh Gawd, another 'I dare you to try these' recipe. After the chocolate-ganache filled peanut-butter cookies I swore I'd not be tempted again...but................

  13. Raining and cold and generally yucky here...I am so making these tomorrow! Thank you....thank you!

  14. Anonymous1:41 pm GMT

    Hi Sue

    You have won a set of city Lights Yemen in white. Please let me have your address and I will post them off tomorrow.


  15. fisherwife12:38 am GMT

    I have that book and love it. Nigella really makes cooking so comforting, like you. Thanks for sharing another recipe. I made bread today! It was a different recipe than yours so I will have to try making your bread tomorrow. They came out just a pinch too dry for me. Maybe the dough should be a bit more shaggy next time.

    Happy Birthday.


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