No sun - no moon!
No morn - no noon -
No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member -
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds -


By Thomas Hood 1799- 1845

Mr Hood, I beg to differ.

(pictures all taken in my Worcester garden this morning)

Would you buy a Quince Tree calendar?

Thank you for your amazing response to my calendar giveaway. It has been suggested that I make my calendar available to buy.
They are not particularly cheap to have printed -£7.10 each, therefore if I were to have some more printed I really need to know that I have guaranteed customers for them.
If you would definitely like to buy a calendar please could you email me at  thequincetree@live.co.uk preferably before the end of this week.


  1. I think it is Yesvember in Worcestershire... Ax

  2. Come to Lancashire. I haven't seen a butterfly in yonks. Mr Hood would have been well at home, used to London smog he would feel comfortable under our leaden skies.

  3. Pati from London1:49 pm GMT

    Mr Hood was very very wrong... at least this year. I was thinking this morning that it is already the middle of November and I've hardly had to switch the heating on!!! x Pati

  4. I think I've taken a distinct dislike to Mr Hood...

  5. I've emailed you Sue ;)

  6. Brilliant pairing. I sweltered up in town today.

  7. Hmmm, sounds like Mr hood was feeling a bit blue that November!

  8. He must be looking in the wrong places, though we have had plenty of dismal days here in North Wales recently. I last saw a butterfly last weekend, but for a bit of colour, we can rely on the trees. As I drive home down a country lane at lunchtime to let the dogs out, I notice the beautiful yellows and reds of the leaves.

  9. Some years I would agree with Mr. Hood but not this year. The sun really did have his hat on today.
    Lovely photos.
    Carol xx

  10. Not a glass half full kind of person then, that Mr Hood!

    Gorgeous photos Sue, and a perfect record of the effect of this topsy turvy weather.

  11. Hi Sue,
    I live in Lancashire and i`ve had butterflies in my garden this summer. And i agree with you about the wildlife. One day last week i had 10 different types of birds on my tiny patio and in tree at the end of my garden.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  12. Gorgeous photos Sue! x

  13. Brilliant pictures, yet again Sue. This November is being wonderful.

  14. Begging to differ from yonder U.S. of A., as well. It is brilliantly sunny today, and warm. But the wind...! Still, It dips below freezing at night.

    (Lovely photos.)


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