Hygge* is how the Danish make winter
It refers to a state of mind.
It's about lighting candles, being cosy, creating comfort, enjoying good company, sharing home cooked food.
It makes the long, dark winters something to relish. I've been enjoying hygge without knowing it for years.

I dug out my little tealight holders, put new candles in them and lit them.
I put some sandalwood oil in my oil burner and lit that too.

I cooked some warming, comforting food.
There was stew for supper. Lamb, quince and chickpea.

And a steamed syrup and ginger sponge pudding for afters.

Tom adores stodgy puddings.
'You should make this for Christmas' he said.
'Because I don't like Christmas pudding and this is wintry, and Christmassy, and delisherous'

Have a bit of hygge this winter.

*It's pronounced heu-guh - in Danish y is pronounced completely differently from how we pronounce it, it's a bit like oo.


  1. I think you should use that second photo as a Christmas card. It's just that good! And these photos of your food made my mouth water!

  2. Gorgeous photos as always Sue. I have heard of Hygge but didn't have a clue how to spell it. I do know it's something we need more of here chez knitsofacto :D... we seem a little short on cosy lately.

  3. I've never heard of that but I like what it stands for. Your photos are wonderful.. very gemlike. Now I want to make a stew. But I think we're going to have home-made macaroni and cheese.. as I have no stew meat. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Those Danes know what they're talking about! I'd never heard the word before but I think it sums it all up...

  5. My Norwegian friends are massively into what they translate for me as cosy-cosy, just the same as the Danes. I totally get it and especially love open fires. Candles and wintry baking too - all make winter more than bearable although by late feb I confess I am desperate for Spring and the cosy-cosy wears a bit thin!!

  6. sounds perfect. and I like the way the word is a little bit like hug, which is what you need to embrace winter x

  7. What a wonderful post Sue - I love to embrace the idea of getting cosy in the winter. Am also trying to get outside more this winter - it lifts my mood to be outside. Hooray for Hygge!

  8. Great post Sue, love your photos ...supper looks so yummy , I love cozy times without garden jobs that need doing for a few months...we are so lucky to have the different seasons to enjoy. Have a good week .
    Jacquie x

  9. I love this. And the pudding does look delisherous!

  10. Sounds lovely, all that comfort is such a must in winter, am famished looking at your yummy stew, so look forward to that kind of food at this time of year!!!!
    Beautiful photos
    Karen x

  11. We have a name for it! Absolutely brilliant. I will practice the pronunciation.

    That pudding: I could demolish a piece with custard right now.

  12. Anonymous9:34 am GMT

    I've always thought that the Danes really know how to do Christmas, now I know they've got it exactly right!

  13. This is such a beautiful post, exactly what I have come to expect from your lovely blog! Funnily enough I had been planning a similar post on getting cosy... lighting candles, stodgy food, snuggly jumpers and fluffy slippers!

    My step-father is Danish, I'll have to quiz him on this term as I've never heard it before.

    Loveaudrey xxx

  14. I really need your blog and this make winter thing. Here in Canada (and I live in one of the southern-most parts of it!) winter is long, dark and can sometimes beharsh.
    1 - I'm following your blog
    2 - I'm joining in on everything you do to get through this season
    3 - I'm going to darn-well enjoy it.

  15. It's getting harder and harder to do though Sue. Seriously, I've had to cut down on food and I'm certainly not feeling cosy this year due to fuel costs so actually I'm dreading this winter like no other. I know I am going to be cold this year. Nothing I can do about it. Hot water bottles and blankets only go so far; I'm feeling the chill already. Besides at the rate I crochet the much needed blanket won't be here until next year. There is a distinct lack of cosy this year while there is certainly a great need and desire for it.

    Yes I sound like a misery but then it does all feel a bit grim. A nice open fire would go a long way towards that cosy feeling but I haven't got one. Failing that, the central heating would suffice but it has to stay off most of the time. I usually don't mind what the weather outside is doing as long as it is warm inside. Well this year I think its already warmer outside than indoors.

  16. Sue I just love your photos. I could sit and stare at them all day :)

  17. LOVE learning that new WORD. Like its sentiment and meaning. Thanks for sharing, I think we all will need to be reminded with the long winter to come.

  18. Mmmmmm - what a wonderful word and I'm all for anything stodgy at this time of the year.

    I made Parkin at the weekend for bonfire night and it was lovely and stodgy and super delicious.

    Nina x

  19. I could go for a bit of that. The hygge, and the pudding.

  20. Anonymous1:56 pm GMT

    Certainly need a bit of 'Hygge' today, its so cold & damp. A very comforting post, and beautiful photos again Sue.

  21. Having lived in Scandinavia, I know about Hygge but I still don't like some of winter.

    You won Mise's house-sign give-away. I tried to congratulate you there but couldn't find a place to comment, so I am doing it here. Congratulations!

  22. Gorgeous, gorgeous post.... Love the words, the photos and the sentiment. Thank you so much! Jo x

  23. I like the idea of a different pudding at Christmas. I miss the whole Christmas pudding act- though no-one here eats it... but a sticky toffee pudding might work well too!

  24. Pati from London8:06 pm GMT

    It is very interesting how different languages contain words that sum up really well a feeling, a way of being, a wish etc and others don't. ("bon appetit" or its Spanish equivalent "que aproveche" are other examples of words that the English language doesn't have; but all languages lack these). I love learning new things every day and the idea of hygge seems perfect to me at this time of the year. Need to get some new candles.... x Pati

  25. I was pronouncing it higgy... Clearly no Danish blood in my ancestry then. And I too have been celebrating higgy for years without knowing it. Love this time of year. Love it. Got a beef in beer bubbling away on the hop. And a glass of red in my hand! Ax

  26. Ooh, suddenly I am in a most festive mood! Hoping that Coffee Lady and Silverpebble didn't scarf all of that pudding...

    (It's nice to find you here, now that we're the best of friends at flickr and Pinterest!)

  27. Lovely warming post Sue, I too have been living like this for as long as I can remember, this is my favourite season of all, I love being indoors holed up all cosy, all seasons should be embraced, although not easy for those who can't afford to stay warm.

  28. Anonymous4:09 pm GMT

    I guess all Nordic countries need the same survival kit for the winter -candlelight, big warm pots of food, knitted socks, throws and the like...but believe me, it's still difficult when the temperature starts yet another week below -30 degrees like we had last two winters here in South Finland. I like your cosy blog!

  29. Sue, I would love to spend time in your cozy good-smelling kitchen on a cold night. Candlelight, good food...what's not to love?


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