The Feast of Saint Catherine

November 25th is St Catherine's Day, she of wheel fame.
St Catherine is the patron saint of young girls, of students, of nurses and of any craftsmen whose work involves wheels; like spinners, wheelwrights and millers. And if she isn't then she ought to be the patron saint of pyrotechnicians .

As we have our very own Katherine (my daughter Katie) I thought it would be nice to celebrate St Catherine's day with some traditional cattern cakes which you can read all about here.
Cattern cakes were originally a sweetened yeast cake flavoured with caraway. This version is really a big soft biscuit. They reminded me a little of flat rock cakes.

Today is also Quince Tree day, the 25th day of the month is when I take a picture of the tree.
Here she is with her leaves exactly the same colour as her fruit were last month.



  1. Wonderful quince photos as always, mine have all gone now.....about 1 month ago, but I am warmer in the SW of France, so the season is earlier.
    You made the cattern cakes I see, great ~ they are indeed like a flat caraway seeded rock cake, hope your Katie enjoys them.

  2. Yum! Your lovely blog makes me hungry! x

  3. I've just put the kettle on, a few of those cattern cakes would go down a treat...

  4. I think the cakes look delicious! They also look a bit like Welsh cakes in the picture. I used to love seed cake but I haven't had it in many years. I'm not even sure if I have ever made one myself or only ever eaten my Mum's. Hope they tasted as nice as they look. Feast days are such nice things to have, it's a shame we don't look after them better really!

  5. The Cattern cakes look and sound delicious. I seem to have lost my baking mojo lately, perhaps they are the inspiration I need ... I think we have some caraway somewhere!

  6. My caraway was ancient. BB date was March 2008. Perfectly ok though.

  7. What a brilliantly timely post. I have a weekly Sunday night dread of the week ahead in terms of feeding my ridiculously picky and/or disinterested family. I am not a great food person but I do try. I am always wondering how other people do it. How they feed their families well. I often wish I could be a fly (or something more hygienic) on their kitchen walls as they prepare their evening meals. And now, in one lovely blog, just as I was starting to fret: some ideas, some answers, some inspiration. Thank you!

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