Calendar Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered my calendar giveaway. There were over 70 entries. I really enjoyed reading about your favourite months. Some people selected more than one month and I can't say I blamed them. It is very hard to choose just one. I thought it would be fun to make a little chart showing the results. It took me back to my school days when the best bit about maths lessons was colouring in columns on a bar chart.
As you can see we have a clear preference for autumn amongst the Quince Tree's readers with September the overall winner. This pleased me as it is my favourite month too. The spring months had a good showing but most surprisingly summer did badly with August scoring nil.

Well September won the most popular month competion but who won the calendar?

The winner is


Toffee, if you'd like to email me your address I will get your calendar on its way to you.

Thank you again to everyone. I fully intend to make a calendar for 2013 and will hold another giveaway next November.



  1. Ooh, I am so excited! I won something! Me! Ooh! That is going to keep me cheerful all next year. Thank you so much. Off to send you my e-mail addy, right now.

  2. Congratulations Toffeeapple!!

  3. congratulations toffeeapple ; )

  4. Congratulations Toffeeapple.
    Carol xx

  5. Well done Toffeeapple :D

    I wonder if we would have voted for the seasons in the same way if you'd asked us in May!.Although that said October has always been my favourite month.

  6. Congrats to Toffeeapple. I think I have a gremlin in my computer, as I keep checking in on blogs and there are no new posts for days or weeks, then all of a sudden there are two or three!!
    Your puddings look so good...I'm hungry now.
    x Sandi

  7. well done Toffeeapple.

    I do like a nice bar graph Sue!

  8. Pati from London1:46 pm GMT

    Well done toffeeapple! It's a lovely calendar. We usually make our own calendars with photos of the kids and us as presents both for the grandparents and ourselves, otherwise I would have ordered one from you.
    I agree with your previous post on English puddings, I am not English but your puddings are the best!! have a lovely day, Pati x

  9. I think Annie is right that favourite season changes with the seasons. I love May but know that I am so in tune with autumn right now it is almost beyond me to remember why!


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