At the Fireworks Display

They have let too many people in and there aren't enough seats for everyone.
The steward tells us there are a few seats at the back of the stand. We know from experience that we won't be able to see a thing from the back of the stand.

We stand near a stall selling cupcakes.
I reflect on the ubiquity of cupcakes.

There is a chip stand too. 
A little girl with dark pigtails and a white quilted coat is sobbing into a polystyrene tray of chips.
'I can't find my dad' she cries.
Charlie goes to find a steward and I ask her what her dad looks like; she says he is wearing a Wolves hat.
Pigtails and Wolves hat are soon reunited.

The fireworks are delayed. They always are.
 Someone says they won't start until everyone is seated. But there are not enough seats. 

We have almost made up our minds to leave and watch them from nearby, or even our bedroom windows when the display begins.

Oooh! Aaah!
Gasps and cheers.

The people sitting at the back of the stands pour down towards the front because they cannot see any of the fireworks.

It's always a good display but this year it is even more spectacular than ever.
My photos don't do it justice at all.

Bonfire night feels like the start of winter to me. I'm joining in with the Making Winter project led by Silverpebble and Thrifty Household  -click on the link in my sidebar and click here for all the other Making Winter posts this week. 


  1. Anonymous9:46 pm GMT

    I am in awe of your photos.
    I have spent ages outside this evening but am sorely disappointed in my efforts (although it is my first attempt)
    It sounds like you've had an eventful evening, I'm glad the fireworks were spectacular.

  2. ...but your photos are wonderful! I have always loved fireworks night & your photos were a treat to see (almost as good as the real thing!)

  3. Your photos are something else, I am sure you could sell these prints they are groovy! I would love a large one. Me and my teenager would fight over it! We both have black as the accent colour in our rooms. I have spent the evening in, worrying about my chickens! I hope they lay tomorrow after a night of bangers! I have drank some Katie Rose Cider and my teeth are hurting from a Toffee Apple. :)

  4. Oh dear I hope you don't get scrambled eggs!

    Thank you all for your comments about my photos. I took them with my little point and shoot camera using the firework setting.

  5. You say that your photos don't do the display justice when I was thinking that I enjoyed your pictures more than I did the local display since that one disappeared very soon after being lit.

    I swear that I Ha d nothing to do with Inthesky's teeth...

  6. Splendid. We popped down to our fireworks and I wish I'd taken my camera to photo the SmallBean's faces. No seats on Midsummer Common, just thousands of people marching down to the river for thirty minutes of pure joy. I LOVE it. Your photos are amazing. And I will show them to the Beans in the morning. Ax

  7. Your photos are awesome!!!. Linda xxx

  8. Lovely photos. I don't have a firework setting on mine! I must try pushing a few more buttons next year!

  9. I think it must be an unwritten law that fireworks must start late! I must say I envy you, there are no seats on offer at our local display, and you can choose from burger or sausage, there is nary a cupcake in sight! I whiled away the time waiting for the display to start imagining my 'ember potato' stand and toffee apple stall and tomato soup stand...

  10. Wow, what brilliant photos Sue, must have been a truly magnificent display. I've never sat down at a display before. Round our way they're always wellies in a muddy field affair.

    And I agree with you so much on the bonfire front - just not November 5th without one in my humble opinion. Shame your vicar left. My birthday is close to bonfire night and I have wonderful memories of it falling on the Saturday nearest to the 5th when I was 8 and having our own fire in the elderly neighbour's orchard with a few fireworks, sparklers and potatoes roasted in foil in the embers. I felt like the Queen!

    Glad pigtails found her dad. Heart in mouth moment or what!

  11. Sue, you are Everywoman, in the Classic Greek Dramatic tradition. That girl in plaits sobbing into her chips swung it for you. The perfect touch of common tragedy among the glory.

  12. Firework display was at the rugby ground, hence the stands.

  13. That would explain it then. I have just realised that the last time I was at a Bonfire Night, aluminium foil had not been invented...hmm

  14. Wow, I think your photos are pretty darn good. I wish we had something to celebrate the 5th of November just so we could have fireworks like that!

  15. Your photos are wonderful, far better than our measly efforts (which won't be posted)!

  16. Great photos and I love the simplicity of the "I used the fireworks setting" am off now to see if I have a firework setting.

  17. For most of my photography I use my Canon 550D slr. I have absolutely no clue how to go about taking pictures of fireworks with it. So, I used my little Canon IXUS which does indeed have a fireworks setting. You can't take lots of snaps in quick succession as it takes a few seconds for the camera to make the exposure.
    They still looked much better in real life.

  18. Lovely pics - sadly my current camera doesn't take great night time pics and doesn't have a fireworks setting :(

    However we had a great night with family & friends - just a shame there's no pics to show for it.

  19. Wow! How can you cast any doubt on these photos. They're spectacular.

  20. Oh yes they do! Splendid photos, really capturing the whizzy excitement of it all.

  21. Lovely photos - they certainly look spectacular. Thanks for visitin my blog, it's a lovely song isn't it, but I've never understood the "jet plans" bit really!

  22. I love fireworks, and your photos and words totally capture the feel of a good firework display. With so many dogs we have, yet again, not seen any fireworks ourselves this year - the boys aren't bothered by fireworks but it still doesn't seem fair to leave them home alone to endure all the bangs and flashes outside - so sharing other peoples firework experiences is just the ticket!

  23. Wowsersss! Amazing pictures! I have try too many times to get photos that crisp and beautiful. Well I guess some people have the talent and some dont (ME)! That probaly why I get my photos for my blog from the internet! <3 Sarah

  24. Fantastic photos. Fireworks always start late where I live too.

    I've never heard of a fireworks setting. Must see if my little camera has it...


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