Advent Candle

Advent Candle

Commander of wax
Waiting alone
Running from darkness
Chameleon of light
Brightest star
Flame dancer
Most beautiful
Flowing like a wave
The most powerful energy

by Alexander Coulson, written in 1999 aged 8 (not my son)

We have lit our candle for the first Sunday in Advent

We have also opened the first window of our Advent calendar.
We are waiting.......


  1. Ooooh. I'd forgotten about your lovely calendar- I wish I'd remembered before I made mine. I think the gnomes are my favourite bit. The gnomes and the trees. Is it good manners to say Happy Advent? If it is, Happy Advent. Ax

  2. Nice blog!
    hugs from Chile

  3. That really is a fantastic poem. I'm not a frequent visitor to your blog so I assume the poet is your son? We've just eaten a meal lit by our first Advent candle. I came over to you from Vintage Vicki, who's taking part in the Pause in Advent, and when I saw you had an Advent post too I had to visit! Have a wonderful month.

  4. Floss, Alexander is not my son. My sons are insensitive louts! I found the poem in a book called 'Christmas Please -One Hundred Poems for the Festive Season. I must go and visit Vintage Vicki and see what she's up to.

  5. Our Advent candle (+ calender) starts on the first of December but a candle was lit in church this morning and we sang one of my favourite hymns, O Come O Come Emanuel.

  6. Loved your post from last year; thanks so much for the link. I agree with you in every single way. And now I am cranky because I have that book and could have made an Advent calendar instead of ordering one from faraway Wynstones Press.

    Here's to keeping it quiet and contemplative for as long as possible.

  7. Pati from London10:33 am GMT

    Love candlelight, it completely transforms the ambiance of a room, doesn't it? I bought a nice advent calendar earlier on this year and your post reminds me that I have to start preparing the little bits and bobs I have to put inside each pocket for my kids! Ahhhhggg! Too much to do and not enough time to do everything. I was looking forward to my quiet time this morning to catch up on my favourite blogs and have a cuppa. I love your posts! Have a cozy day! Pati x

  8. Anonymous1:40 pm GMT

    I just skipped back to your post from last year, which I really enjoyed. I usually make a cake on the last sunday of November - no real reason except that it is easy to remember - but I've failed this year because of a ridiculous challenge I set myself, but for every other aspect of Christmas I hold fire until the 1st of December. I do allow myself a few Christmas lists though!

  9. I've just had a much needed giggle at your comment, Sue. I, too, assumed the poet was your son and felt very envious at you having such a sensitive, literary lad. I must admit to being relieved that he is not your son. Here's to lovely, "insensitive louts" everywhere!

  10. Lovely to see your calendar again this year.


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