Tricky Times

Left to right: Tom's ninja pumpkin, George's traditional pumpkin and Katie's happy pumpkin.

Making toffee apples has become something of a Halloween tradition.

So has hanging up my witch decoration but I seem to have lost it. I know I put it somewhere obvious.
Obviously not.

You may remember last Halloween when I proclaimed my dislike of trick or treating and said that I did not allow it. At all. Well, it turns out that I dislike constant whinging about not being able to go trick or treating even less.
 Katie has ground me down with continual cries of 'so and so's allowed to' and 'you never let me do anything'  and 'everyone in the road will be doing it except me' . 
 The force was strong in me to begin with but it has ebbed away and I'm afraid the dark side has won. It wasn't that I thought she had a point, I'm her mother not her best friend. It's not part of my job description to give her everything she wants but sometimes I just want to close my eyes and say 'fine, whatever'. 

There are rules:
Stay together -there are about six of them, the eldest is 14.
Only go to houses in our road  and only go to ones which have some kind of halloween display.
Don't eat it all tonight.
Be back by eight -it is a school night after all.
Get your homework done first.

Maybe it will rain.



  1. I like your Halloween rules!

    Enjoy a hour or so of calm this evening...(unless you're welcoming other 'trick or treaters')

  2. I expect she'll grow out of it soon anyway. I'm guessing that you know all the houses they'll be going to?

  3. Good rules. I have got away with it a bit - Finn has a party where the job will be done - result!

  4. I hate Hallow'een too, but I did allow my boys to go with the same rules! They do grow out of it! When I get fed up with the callers I lock the front door and turn the lights off and sit in room that cannot be seen from the road a good book!
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Excellent pumpkins! I didn't get round to buying one this year but I'm really enjoying seeing everyone elses!

  6. Luckily we never really had this problem ... too few houses to make it worth their while!
    Good rules!

  7. Lynne Gill7:00 pm GMT


  8. Anonymous7:04 pm GMT

    hi sue how do you make the toffee apples please

  9. I am in the same dilemma. Here in North America, it's all the children have talked about for weeks. Dad is taking them (aged 5 & 9), he said they could, he can walk the talk. I shall stay inside with a glass of red. Love the pumpkins.

  10. Excellent plan Jess.

    Anonymous, the toffee apple recipe is this one http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/534219

    I increased the quantiites of all the toffee ingredients by half and used 8 very small apples.

  11. I haven't gone trick or treating with my boys this year as I hate it. Luckily, as it's a Monday night and we won't have any Halloween visitors, they don't seem to be that bothered so maybe I'll never have to do it ever again. I just feel a bit bad when I know the playground chat will be all about what everyone else got up to....

  12. Luckily my son grew out of the trick-or-treating side of things years ago though at nearly 20 years old he still carves a pumpkin every year. But then again so does the hubby2b!

    Love and stuff xx

  13. That Sue is the art of good parenting - compromise!!!!

  14. Mmm interestingly we have told my 13 yo that he can't go tonight for the first time. I like little ones trick or treating (with parents in tow) but hate older one's doing it. Not sure why to be honest but thats our rules!

  15. We have so few children in our village that I'd quite like a trick or treater, or two. I carved a pumpkin and everything!

  16. When I lived in London (over 20 years ago) I don't remember trick or treating even happening. I don't blame you, it is out of control here too. My daughter is only 5 so we will only go to a few houses. I love your posts though, they always make me smile.

  17. I never took my children trick or treating. I can't remember them asking to be allowed to. As for children who call at our front door, I have in the past made bat shaped biscuits iced in black with red fangs. However this year we decided to lay low and risk their frustration. It seems to have paid off.

  18. I get round the 'Trick' bit by insisting that they actually have a trick with cards or magic or something, so that no-one feels threatened.

  19. I finally gave in this year too! My twelve year old and friends - took a dog with them for good measure. My eldest was deprived and was never allowed. It's amazing how we can be worn down. I hate it really - we never did anything for Halloween when I was a child - it was just a date on the calendar!

  20. Halloween is an american celebration that has not really translated culturally to the u.k.
    Here in the States most people embrace it, buy candy and stay in to hand it out. The protocol is if you dont want callers you do not turn on your porch lights or go out from the evening. Ordinances are for trick or treating between the hours of around 3pm to about 7.30pm on Halloween night. The little kids come first and then the teenagers. It is a good-natured activity without any carping from adults (who all trick or treated in their day and are reminded of their childhoods).
    I think people in the u.k. can easily feel violated by people calling at the door with expectations.
    The nearest I can think of is carol singers and I dont think people do that anymore door-to-door do they ?
    The "trick "is supposed something unpleasant like toilet paper in your trees or soap on your windows but no one every does that - just a punishment for not giving a treat.

    Most little kids are taken by their parents to a few local houses - the teenagers go around in gangs but are very cute in their make-up and are a bit different from some u.k. teenagers (dont ask me to explain)
    There is just a different atmosphere altogether.

  21. I must say I'm not into Halloween either but I'm trying not to be a spoilsport so I stocked up on lollies for the children who called. It is gaining in popularity here in Australia as we copy everything that the USA does eventually.
    I must say they were all very polite and the little ones were accompanied by their parents which was good. It just seems like a lolly ( sweets) grab to me but I guess the kids like the dressing up part too.

  22. Democritus said "Raising children is an uncertain thing; success is reached only after a life of battle and worry." and was it Patton or Rommel who said "Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning." Mmm...

  23. Anonymous3:26 pm GMT

    Worth it for the gorgeous pumpkins. I am ashamed to say we hid with very low lights. Then at eight when I assumed it was all over there was a loud knock at the door. I hastily broke up a Green and Black orange choc bar to avoid a trick.

  24. Lemanie, 'battle and worry' sums it up perfectly.

  25. Fisherwife9:24 pm GMT

    I went out with my kids for the first time this year. My husband usually oes the job, but he was cooking so I lt him with the baby. I dressed up. Something I don't normally do. It was alot of fun. I went as a jellyfish. My costume was a clear umbrella with ribbons flowing from it. I got the funniest reactions.

    Where we live (in Florida) it is big! People drive from miles around to come to our little town because it is safe and quiet here. My neighbor spent $50 on candy that was gone before eight. The children don't come until dusk and leave by about nine.

  26. Anonymous12:14 pm GMT

    Yes, I finally gave in this year too (my youngest is nearly 12). Thankfully no one knocked on my door and the old two didn't whinge 'you spoil him - we were never allowed to do that'.

    Sadly, he wasn't put off and said he might go next year too!

  27. Anonymous8:56 am GMT

    Hi ya,, i was anti Halloween, still am. but the thing is, I've done such a job raising my kids (boy 8, and girls 10 & 12)That they do it them selves. they make their own costumes, and decorations, and do their own baking, they even organise the social bit. So i have to just go along with it. i nag about safty. but i'm secretly thrilled that it is important to them and they have taken charge. it makes me feel like a good mum. thankyou for sharing your world. I like you.
    God bless you. Jacky Matthews. jarm at iprimus dot com dot au


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