A Really Boring Post About What I Do All Day

I was asked recently how I do all that I do.
There's no great secret I'm afraid, I'm not superwoman or anything like.
Four things make it possible for me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
1) I don't have a job.
2) My children are aged between 11 and 16.
3) I do not spend a lot of time cleaning.
4) I spend even less time on my appearance. I have as they say 'let myself go'.

Today was a fairly typical day.

I get up when Charlie finishes getting dressed-about 6.50am.
 I clean my teeth and duck the right side of my head under the tap in an effort to get my hair to lie flat.
I get dressed.
On the way downstairs I grab the laundry bag from its basket.
Once downstairs I sort the lights from the darks and put them in the machine and start it off.
I wrap some leftover pancakes in foil and put them in the oven to heat up.
I pour my coffee which Charlie has made me and switch on my laptop.
Charlie leaves at 7, I shout to Katie and Tom to get up.
I drink my coffee (this is my breakfast) and catch up on blogs, email etc
I shout to Katie again (Tom is in the shower).
I slice bread so that everyone can make sandwiches. 
Katie and Tom appear. I tell Katie to go and clean her teeth. She never ever remembers.
I check my shopping list. Monday is shopping day.
Tom eats pancakes. Standard breakfasts are granola (Charlie and Tom), toast and jam/jelly (George and Katie). I make pancakes once a week and freeze leftovers.
 At 7.30 I shout to George to get up.
Katie and Tom make their sandwiches and finish their breakfast. At 7.55 they leave to catch the school bus.
I empty the washing machine, hang it outside and put the next load in.

George appears saying he heard something 'pop' in his neck whilst showering. What?! 
'I can't move my head, it really hurts'.
Oh good lord, I ring the doctor. Earliest appointment is at 10.50.
I tell him to heat up my wheat bag and take ibuprofen.
I wash up breakfast and prepare to go out to the supermarket so that I can be back to take him to the doc's.

8.45 I drive to the supermarket about 10 -15 mins away.
I do my shopping. I absolutely love food shopping. I think I am going to have a frugal week. I stick to my list but still end up parting with more money that expected.
I'm home by 10. George is watching The Mummy and seems a bit better.
I put the shopping away. I love doing this too.
I make coffee and sit down with my laptop until it is time to go to the docs'.
The doctor says he has torn a ligament or muscle and to apply heat and take ibuprofen and paracetemol. He says he should be ok within a week. We hope so as he is supposed to be going shooting with air cadets at the weekend.

Back home George is much happier, I think he thought he had done something serious.
I hang out the washing and have more coffee. 
At about 11.45 I make chicken stock with the remains of yesterday's roast. I take the meat off for tonight's supper and put the bones, an onion, a leek, a carrot and a couple of bendy celery sticks into a large pot, cover it with water and put in on to boil. Once it is boiling I turn it right down and leave to simmer for a couple of hours.

At about 1pm I make sandwiches for lunch.
After lunch I make a batch of bread dough and set it to rise.
I drink more coffee. I like coffee.
 Next I bring the washing in which has dried really quickly in this unseasonable warmth. I iron the three garments that need ironing and take it all upstairs to put in various bedrooms. The boys will put their laundry away, Katie will pile hers up in front of her wardrobe, possibly mingled with some dirty laundry.
I pick up some bits of litter that are on her bedroom floor and put them in a bin.

Now it is about 2pm. I remind George to take more painkillers and suggest he could be doing some homework. He agrees and begins to write a character analysis of Telemachus.
I spend some time on Pinterest researching ideas for a pirate fancy dress costume for Katie. She thinks she can use an old red and black flamenco dress. I think she is right. With the addition of a simple white blouse (made from an old sheet) and a bandana we could be in business. I make a sketch to show her when she gets back.

At 3.30 my kitchen timer goes off reminding me to punch down the bread dough, shape it and put it in the tins to prove for half an hour.

At 4 Katie and Tom return demanding snacks. 'Flapjacks' I cry wondering just how many times I say that word.
The timer goes off again and I put my bread in the oven and make a cup of tea.
I sit down to drink it and show Katie my sketch. She thinks it looks great.
I begin writing this post. At 4.40 my bread is ready to come out of the oven.
I carry on with my post until I realise with a shock that it is 5.30 and I should be thinking about supper and sorting my stock out.
I go into the kitchen and pour my cooled stock through a colander and into tubs for the freezer.

Four tubs of chicken stock and four loaves of bread

I make Charlie's lunch for tomorrow. While I am doing this there is a knock at the door, my new book has arrived. Huzzah! I put it aside to save for this evening.
I start supper. Chicken and pumpkin korma made with the leftover chicken, half a small pumpkin and a tin of coconut milk.

Charlie gets home at 6.10 and we eat. Yum. All gone.
George treats us to his korma joke; 'Did you hear about the man who fell through the roof of an Indian restaurant and spent three weeks in a korma?'
After supper Katie looks at pirate costumes on the internet and decides that the flamenco dress plan will look 'weird' and she wants something much more complicated and not as nice. I ignore this.
I sit down with more coffee (decaff this time) watch the news and continue writing this post.

And that is what I am doing now. After I've finished my coffee I will go and have a shower and then I have an evening on the sofa with my new book to look forward to.



  1. Thank you for this post. You made me laugh about "letting yourself go". Your candor is great. We can plan our days out to the minute but those unexpected events always keep things from getting dull. The key is to not get rattled. You were very cool and collected. After going to the doc's I probably would've collapsed on the couch and called it a day!
    The korma looks amazing. I love Indian food.

  2. I've just sat down with my cup of tea and turned on the computer - my day has been full of to-ing and fro-ing - I sometimes wonder how we do it, but we do! And really I guess we love it - or we'd go and get a job and leave all the other "stuff" to someone else. Your korma looks delicious - as your food always does.

  3. Your are a BUSY woman! It would be a lot easier just to go out to work, you know, and you get paid for it too.....

    PS Only kidding.... being at home beats work hands down....

  4. I LOVE 'day in the life of' articles - not boring at all. Other people's everyday lives are much more interesting and relevant than weird celebrity stories.

    I had a similar day involving lots of washing, bread making and curry - but no doctors.

  5. Great post, loved sharing your hectic day. Glad George's injury wasn't serious.
    The korma looked delicious.
    Carol xx

  6. Brilliant post :D Once, when home all day every day with four young children (the eldest was school age but home educated, the youngest was about 6 mths old) and assorted dogs/guinea pigs/goldfish et. al. someone told me that stay at home Mums were just lazy ... they survived, but only because I didn't want my kids visiting me in jail!

  7. Your daughter sounds a bit like mine. Maybe it just teenage girls in general! When you write it down it's amazing how much we do. My husband has just taken early retirement (god save me!) and every day he asks me what I have planned for the day and most days I say usual stuff, washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping, cooking the usual - he always seems surprised. Aren't I supposed to spend my days watching tv and gave lunch with the girls!!

  8. I am so jealous!! Yesterday I had a horrendous day so took the day off work today. Although my day was spent cleaning and sorting out cupboards it felt so good. what a lovely post thank you for sharing.

  9. Well, you have just shown what a stay at home mum does all day. A lot! When you go to work, something gives, it has to. You can't do it all, no one can. Some of us are lucky to have choices in the matter, some of us don't. The fact is though that there are heaps of jobs to to in the home and either they get delegated, you do them yourself or they don't get done (which means they stay not done and things are not as nice as they might be.)

    It is most certainly though a job looking after a home, nevermind children. I think we are very hard on each other, no one should have to justify 'what do you do all day.' A question most frequently asked from what I can gather by annoying husbands who haven't got a clue. (Obviously they are not all like that.) Looking after a home and children is work! It always amuses me to realise that if two child minders swapped children, then they would both be 'working' but looking after your own somehow means you are not. Drives me mad! Women are often the culprits though, judging each other and talking about needing to use their brains. What could possibly be more important or more needing an engaged brain, than looking after children?

    It is also a myth that children don't need you as they grow up. They are needing you a lot in teenage years and won't always tell you! I hate the idea that once your child is out at school you are suddenly redundant. Not true. I loathe the question 'what do you do'? 'Who are you?' seems much more like a question I would want to know the answer to.

    Your sketch for the pirate outfit looks great. I was curious so googled girls pirate costumes. They were actually on very similar lines except not so good or flattering. I would not have had a clue what sort of thing to come up with. I hope you get to go ahead with this idea - and show us the result.

  10. I enjoyed your post, Sounds like how I spend my days, it does look more when it's written down. I love your sketch for the pirate costume, you are quite artistic, A dark horse I think!

  11. Great post :) I think once my life returns to normal I might actually log all the things I do in a typical day - just to see how I normally fill it up.

  12. I've just got home after a lengthy meeting. After rummaging in the fridge all I found that tempted me was a carrot- then I read your blog & saw that Korma! It looks totally delicious...I could quite easily tuck into a plate of that- your family are very lucky! Also like the comment about 'letting yourself go', it made me laugh especially after I was recently told by someone that I obviously didn't worry too much about my looks as I'd allowed myself to go grey- what a cheek!!!!!

  13. Oh my goodness, you never stop!! I'm glad you got some time to sit down and enjoy your new book.

  14. There were actually quite long periods of sitting down and drinking coffee! None of what I did was taxing or physically demanding -chopping a few veg, hanging up a bit of laundry. I was trying to illustrate how easy it is to fit things like breadmaking in when you don't work and don't have little children under foot.

  15. Not really boring at all - I just sat and read every word and enjoyed it but now wondering if that makes me boring? Korma joke reminded me of youngest asking why a character in his book was in a korma! We remind him of this regularly and I can't wait to tell him that joke in the morning :-)

  16. Phew! Love the Korma joke! ;)

  17. I too, made some bread - courtesy of your recipe, again. I got that book last week - interesting reading - as a veggie i am always looking for new ideas. I love the Korma joke - it made me laugh out loud - see - simple things.........

  18. Correction to point one - you do have a job, Mum, Cook, Cleaner, nurse, taxi driver, house keeper, need I go on? Seem to remember a post not that long ago, you do far more then me, don't undersell your self xx

  19. Let yourself go????? Heavens, when on earth would you have time for yourself, lol. You are definitely a very busy woman. The multi-tasking wife and mom....like clock work, doing what must be done and catching a wee bit of time for yourself....did you make it through your new book before your eye lids dropped for the night?

  20. I don't think you have let yourself go. You look like a normal woman to me. Nothing wrong with that. I check in everyday to see if you have posted.Keep it up. I love your sense of humor.

  21. I love this post and am inspired to write something similar. I also don't spend much time in the bathroom, and don't "do" make-up or hair dye, but I've not let myself go, since I never actually bothered much in the first place!

  22. Must remember to tell my kids the korma joke....

  23. You inspired me Sue...

  24. Pati from London10:40 am BST

    Ohhh! I love the flamenco/pirate costume!! Brilliant!!! It would be great to get a salary for being a mum/housewife, wouldn't it?? x Pati

  25. Anonymous10:43 am BST

    I have to say, that sounds like a lovely relaxing day to me! A lot of us have to cook dinner, do the shopping, childcare and housework all outside the hours of 8 to 6.

  26. Love it! I'm in the process of 'letting myself go' and am actually finding it very liberating ; )
    Class joke, btw, must remember it for next curry adventure.

  27. Which was exactly my point Anonymous.

    You obviously didn't bother to read what I said at the top of my post about it being easy for me because I don't have a job or small children.

    Someone asked me how I did it and this is how. It was a lovely relaxing day I didn't say it wasn't.

  28. Relaxing? I'm worn out just reading what you did!
    But I know that when I was a housewife with one child, I used to do all that you do as well as running small businesses of cake decorating, design and knitting and stained glass window making.
    Now that I'm retired I do very, very little.

  29. Loved the post and have serious book envy ;-) Hope to see some of HFWs recipes all 'Sue-d' up soon. x

  30. I am so glad you have been able to stay at home and follow your foodie interests, it has meant me being able to come over on a "raid" for your quince cheese recipe (amongst others). I also loved the korma joke.

  31. I enjoyed reading about your day!

  32. I'd hate to see what you get up to on a lazy day.

    Hope charlie's neck is better by the weekend.

  33. Love your blog. The bread and the chicken and pumpkin korma look delicious. Is the River Cottage book good?? I love cook books.

  34. I do work from home now but in the days when I didn't, when asked "What do you do?" I would reply, "I run a small boutique hotel."

    It sounds as if you are running your hotel very effectively!

  35. Hello! I was referred to your 'day description' by someone who commented on my blog. I quite like reading about the details! Thanks for sharing. Lou x


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