In My Kitchen

In my kitchen this weekend there have been quinces (naturally).

Poached in sugar syrup until rosy.
To be eaten with thick yogurt for breakfast. The extras are stashed in the freezer.

There has also been a lunchtime salad.

Roast chickpeas with feta, peas and mint. 
I tossed the chickpeas in some of the oil from a jar of sun-dried tomatoes and a clove of crushed garlic, sprinkled them with sea salt and roasted them for 15 mins at 190°c (170°c fan).
When they had cooled a little I mixed them with cooked peas, chopped mint and crumbled feta. A good squeeze of lemon juice finished it off.
Delicious with flatbreads and a tomato salad.

Another lunch was eggy crumpets.

A little oil or butter in a pan. Crumpets in holey side up, beaten, seasoned eggs poured over and cooked until set -a matter of seconds. Sprinkle some cheese on top, cover the pan and let it cook gently for a few mins until the cheese has meted.

And finally, a sandwich filling for the lunchboxes.

Hard-boiled,  mashed eggs with crumbled crisp-cooked bacon, chives and a spoonful of mayonnaise.

I hope there'll be some left for me.


  1. My god, woman, please let me be your lodger; your recipes are so darned inventive and flavoursome too, going by the ingredients you use. I'm going to have to start bookmarking these pages. I salute you!

  2. Anonymous6:21 pm BST

    Yummy for all!!!
    I see you like feta, too! My fav- and every Greek's- cheese!

  3. Egg sarnies just have to be the best. With crispy bacon and chives- sensational. My mouth is watering. Hope there is some left for you. Ax

  4. Oh I love homemade egg, bacon and mayo sandwiches, bet there won't be much/any left!

  5. Loving that sandwich filling, used to be one of my favourites many moons ago at uni. That and egg mayo with smoked salmon.

  6. Darn it. I always leave your blog feeling so hungry. The nuts were tasty btw.

  7. Those rosy pink poached quinces just look totally delicious...

  8. everything in you post looks delicious, fresh and inspiring..

  9. Anonymous10:53 am BST

    Thank-you for the recipe ideas, and the link, from a previous post, for Alexandra cooks. Your quince jelly looks great, I worked in the Gran-Canaries many, many moons ago(in a convent of all places) and it was a daily addition to the early evening meal they served, very nice. You can't buy them anywhere, I think tiptree make one, I will have to find it.

  10. Dumb question alert...raw of cooked chickpeas for roasting please?

  11. They were cooked Rachel. I used dry chickpeas that I had soaked, cooked and frozen but tinned chickpeas would work just as well.

  12. I wasn't hungry until I looked at all of those yummy pictures!

  13. Pati from London9:57 am BST

    Hi Sue, the cheese on top the eggy crumpets seems like a lovely addition to them. Will try that next time!! Yum recipes as usual, Pati x


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