Comfort Food

One good thing about the return of proper autumn weather is that good old-fashioned comfort food is back on the menu. I was in need of comfort after England's disappointing performance in the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup .

What better than a Kate and Sidney pie?* Kate and Sidney pudding perhaps. It had been my intention to make a pudding but I discovered too late that there were only two ounces of suet left in the box. Pie it was then. I used a block of frozen ready-made butter puff pastry.
* Steak and kidney

And to follow a pie something light and healthy is a good idea.
Stuff that, it's Sunday so we had crumble.
Quince and apple crumble. With cream.

 There were biscuits too this weekend. Cookies to be exact. 
These are salted oatmeal cookies. They have sea salt sprinkled on them before they go in the oven.
I prefer a crisp biscuit rather than a chewy cookie but these are delicious and the salt really gives them an extra something. The recipe is from a wonderful American food blog I discovered via Pinterest called Alexandra's Kitchen. Her photography is wonderful and her real food recipes very appealing -not a box of cake mix nor a tub of Cool Whip in sight.

I think the comfort food has done its job. I've just remembered that my granny was Welsh.
Come on Wales!
 Dowch 'laen Cymru!
(I hope that's correct Welsh, apologies if it isn't)



  1. Oof, delicious-looking pie and crumble.

    What is cool whip?

  2. As far as I can tell it is fake cream made out of crap.

  3. That oatmeal cookie looks like perfection. We made oatmeal cookies a few days ago and they spread across the sheet terribly. Did you use a Silpat on the cookie pan? We did and I wonder if the spreading is due to it's use. I'll go check out that recipe now.

    Cool whip is frozen "whipped cream". It was used in American dessert recipes a lot in the 70s. :-)

  4. loved the pic of your pie and your crumble...yum.

  5. I read this right after finishing my evening meal...and your beautiful photos made me hungry all over again! Your blog is lovely.

  6. Those salted oatmeal cookies look and sound wonderful. I wonder could we trouble you to briefly jot down the proportions you used, Sue? I clicked through but American cups and sticks always make me lose my nerve.

  7. Comfort food is truly the ver best.

    Steak and Kidney is fantastic but it is devilishly hard to seduce the French into eating it...

    I am always using Sel de Guérande in my cakes and biscuits. If I try to use unsalted butter the cakes taste so bland. I guess it is just a question of habit.

    Have a beautiful week.

  8. I've just seen your last two post and they look both delicious. I like comfort food a lot. I am going to visit both links you gave and see the recipes ot the bread and the cookies. Thanks.

  9. The Kate and Sydney looks fab. Haven't had that for years, perhaps I should make it for OH and myself? If not using suet crust, would it cook in a shorter time ?


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