Beneath the Quince Tree

Beneath the bench beneath the Quince Tree there are fallen quinces.

The wind has brought most of my quinces down. 
Few are without damage.
What looks like a perfect specimen turns out to be brown and rotten where it has lain on the ground.
There are still more than enough though.

Beneath the Quince Tree I spread one of my crochet works-in-progress.

My Ravilious blanket is making very slow progress.

 Not that it matters how quickly it is done.

Nine squares completed.
Probably another fifteen to go.



  1. That blanket is going to be really pretty. I like the color combinations.

  2. What beautiful colours you have chosen for that blanket: its going to be well worth the work, and well worth the wait. How inspiring!

  3. beautiful colours!! I'd like to try my hand at this; where can I find clear instructions on the internet - any ideas please???

  4. I am really loving that colour combo :D
    And quinces ... what a pity the wind is harvesting them for you. I have a bag of Japonica quince and about 6 larger yellow ones of undetermined variety ... I plan to make jelly, do you think it's okay to mix them?

  5. I can appreciate the colours of this even if I am lost on the crochet. Slow is good. It takes a whole year for the quinces to appear and be ready to eat... Ax

  6. Suzanne, this looks like a good granny square tutorial.


  7. The blanket is coming along great. Glad you still have lots of quince as well. Linda

  8. Windfalls & granny squares- double bonus! Still enjoying your Quince jelly...

  9. I love the gorgeous colours you are using in your blanket :)

  10. Sue - your blanket is looking beautiful it really is. I alove the colours - funnily enough after reading a post from Attic 24 about colours I went back to the one you did when you bought your wool - such lovely pictures - I keep meaning to look Ravilious up and learn more. I always crochet more on these winter nights + the rugby world cup has done wonders for my blanket - perfect excuse to sit for an hour or three on a weekend morning! Rugby & crochet - not an obvious combo!

  11. The crochet and windfalls make a charming combination - both your cooking and crafting always have such orderly grace.

  12. Your blanket colours are lovely. It's certainly going to be a gorgeous blanket when it's finished.
    Anne xx

  13. Wow the colours of the blanket really seem to suit the autumn/winter feel at the moment, will be wonderful to snuggle in when it is done!

  14. Anonymous8:46 am BST

    The colours in that blanket look really lovely. Isn't it nice when you can lay out a part of your work and see how it's going to turn out.

  15. That yellow of the quince with the blues in your blanket makes a very springlike combination Sue. Very pretty x


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