Lowering the Tone

Katie asks 'Who's that woman?'
'It's Susan Bullock'
'Susan Boyle?'
'No, Susan Bullock, she's an opera singer, she's going to sing some Wagner'
'Wagner? He was on The X-Factor too'
Then Tom starts drumming in the other room.
I turn the volume up and sigh. 
It's just as well that Wagner isn't really my thing.

I picked these magnificent branches of hawthorn berries from the hedgerow this morning.
I've never seen so many berries. 
You can make a jelly with them to eat with meat. I'm well supplied with crab apple jelly and will soon be well supplied with quince jelly so I'll leave the haws for the birds.


  1. My youngest daughters middle name is Hawthorn...we like Hawthorn!

  2. I have a big smile across my face - loving the cultural divide!

  3. The photo's take me back to Primary school where we had a lot of Hawthorn bushes, I loved them, the red berries alongside the green leaves, there aren't as many around anymore, pity!
    x Sandi

  4. Anonymous4:45 am BST

    Stunning photos again Sue, including the quinces.
    Love to see things from the hedgerows, something we don't have in Oz, but know well from our childhood stories.

  5. I did smile re 'Susan Boyle' and 'Wagner'. But Susan Bullock did very well to stand there with a staff, a shield and a hat that tried to take over the show and sing!
    Did you know the young leaves of the Hawthorn were once known as 'bread and cheese' and can be eaten in springtime in salads, never tried it myself......
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. Julie I did know that, my mum showed me how to eat the new buds when I was a child. They're not unpleasant but quite bitter if I remember rightly.

  7. Been there bought the T shirt as they say, I am now playing catch up after our extended hols, visiting my favourite blogs, gorgeous photos as ever Sue, those quinces look divine. I MUST plant a tree.

  8. Aren't they fantastic - haws that is not Wagner (either of them!)

    Thansk for yoru lovely commens on my Ludlwo post, get there soon Sue you'll love all those foodie shops I'm sure. Hope you have a wonderful time. I've got two more visits booked in before Christmas!
    Have a smashing week.

  9. They are amazing! What a great year for berries this year and your photos are worthy of a Christmas card, they look so festive!
    LOVED your tale about the Proms,I watched and cried at the end, as always, and sang along too!

  10. Sue - do you not think it's about time you ran another competition/lottery to win some samples of your produce. It's only fair you know. I would happily accept a parcel of your autumn brittle in exchange for the answers to some rigorous questioning!

  11. These berries are just heavenly....gives me an embroidery idea!

  12. Winding Ways11:11 pm BST

    When I lived in China, street venders sold haws on a stick, dipped in a brittle toffee. Yum!

  13. Pati from London10:04 am BST

    Oh I love those Hawthorn pics, Sue! Your Wagner (Opera vs the X factor) made me laugh out loud!! (he, he....). I love having my morning cuppa with my favourite blogs.... Have a lovely day, Pati x

  14. Thankyou for the belly laugh.

    Hugh F W makes Haw Sin sauce. I've never tried it though. I think that hawthorn fruit leathers are also possible. I agree with you though, I think they might be best on the branches.

  15. Those photos are truly beautiful Sue. Absolutely lovely x

  16. What gorgeous photographs! The hawthorn berries are really abundant here too, along with every other kind of hedgerow fruit ... I wonder if we'll get the corresponding hard winter that folklore suggests all this bounty means we'll have!

  17. I still love your blog i just forget to comment. THANK YOU HX


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