Cornwall 2011

The sea sparkled and the sun shone.
 I got sunburnt.
And not a drop of rain.

The fishing villages were their usual photogenic selves.

The food was good.
This is a doughnut hot from the fryer with jam and clotted cream.
You want one don't you?

There were daily ice-creams too. We visited this place twice.
Trifle, lemon cheesecake, dark chocolate and ginger, after eight mint, tiramisu, chocolate fudge marshmallow, rum and raisin were some of the flavours we sampled.

I also ate many sea creatures; lobster, crab, prawns, megrim, haddock, mussels and some other unidentified white fish (in bouillabaisse) all of which were pulled out of the Cornish seas.

Katie also tried a weever fish. 
There isn't much that gets Katie out of the sea, but treading on the venomous spines of a  weever fish  did the trick.

Luckily the RNLI lifeguard was on hand to dispense hot water 'as hot as you can stand' which helps break down the protein in the fish's venom.

He was very nice.
The pain wore off pretty quickly and she was fine.

I think the RNLI are wonderful.
Here is the lifeboat crew boarding the boat in an extremely bumpy sea. I don't think they were on a call, just moving the lifeboat to a more sheltered port. It didn't come back.
I'm glad I took my telephoto lens. This picture was taken from our bedroom window from about half a mile away.


Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.
I am looking forward to September's blogging very much. 
I love this time of year.



  1. Lovely photos, Sue - I'm pleased you had a lovely holiday. Welcome back! And I like September, too. Looking forward to reading your news!

  2. Rachel Forrest10:41 am BST

    looks beautiful - makes me want to go but luckily am off later for a weekend in Suffolk! New to your blog, loving it and enjoying the archives

  3. Sue looks like you had a fantastic holiday :) Next time I go to Cornwall as we still had rain in Norfolk when we went last week!!!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely holiday :D
    Am I allowed to be a teeny bit jealous, we've just had to cancel ours ... hubby is home for the week but has to be on-call "just in case" as a major project goes live somewhat later than planned. So it's a staycation for us and I was so looking forward to a bit of sea and sand.
    Happy September blogging :D

  5. What a perfect holiday, with a minor bit of drama for added suspense, and your photos have that lovely Cornish light. The sunburn, of course, is imperfect, and I hope you are recovered and approaching the ingredients cupboard even as I type.

  6. So a wonderful time was had by all except poor Katie? Aren't the RNLI marvellous? They are one of my two favoured charities.

    Your pictures are wonderful, as usual. I hope you are eased gently into the new school year.

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  8. Duplicate posting, for which I apologise.

  9. Oh no am I the only person who looked at the photo of poor Katie and thought it would be worth treading on a weever fish to be tended by a lovely looking lifeguard like that ... clearly yes ... Will try & remember I'm a 40 something married mother of two whilst looking at your lovely photos in the future.

  10. Daisyley, no, you are not the only one who thought that! When I said he was very nice I meant he was very nice in all senses.

    Toffeeapple, Katie really enjoyed being stung by a weever fish once the pain had worn off. It happened on our last day so didn't spoil the holiday and she hasn't stopped talking about it since.

  11. Bless, her! I'm not surprised though, having seen who attended her...

  12. Anonymous1:50 pm BST

    Oh poor Katie! I stood on a weever fish once so I can sympathise with the pain. We were on a very remote beach in Wales and my Dad had to carry me all the way back through the sand-dunes because the pain was so bad and my foot was swelling scarily and turning purrple. It was pretty scary!

    If only I'd had a dashing lifeguard on hand to help me out :)

  13. Welcome home Sue - lovely photos of the scenery but oh that RNLI lifeguard...

  14. Some lovely photos - looks like you picked the right week for your hols.

    Poor Katie - those weevers are evil little beggars. However I'm sure the hunky lifeguard helped make things feel better :)

  15. Sounds like you had a lovely time, and I'm pleased the sun shone for you too! Those doughnuts look fantastic. And that lifeguard would almost make it worth treading on a weeverfish...

  16. Very tatsy, and I'm not talking ice cream...
    I love this time of year too.
    Glad you had fun hols, Ax

  17. You lucky thing! We had virtually constant rain there in July. It is, however, the most glorious place when the sun does shine. First time I've commented on your blog but have been reading for a while and really enjoy it. I love September too but not the dreary months that follow it....

  18. Wasn't it a great week of weather in the end!
    Smashing pics Sue, particularly the lifeboat. That's one heck of a zoom lens.

    Poor Katie, I was dreading us encountering one of those pesky blighters. Glad she was ok quickly. Hope you're relaxing back into life at home. I am ignoring the washing for now.
    Take care, happy September.

  19. Lovely photo's and wouldn't you just love to live in that little house , possibly with the lovely lifeguard chuckle !!

  20. Welcome Home, Sue,

    Lovely photo's, glad Katie is okay, nice photo as I say ;-)

    Glad you all had a good time, looking forward to September.


  21. Lovely photo's Sue, glad you all had a good time.

    Sorry that Katie had an accident, glad she was so well looked after though ;-)


  22. donuts with jam and cream - oh my....

  23. Anonymous8:32 pm BST

    We are Cornwall regulars particularly the South West so I recognised some of your photos...made me long to go NOW!Glad you had such a good time!

  24. That looks like a very good holiday and a little drama whilst not pleasant at the time, does improve with re-telling.

  25. Glad you`re back, Sue. What a lovely post, stunnng photos.

    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  26. I am glad Katie was OK, it sounds really painful!

    I am in love with that cottage, is that where you stayed? It just looks perfectly located. I wish I could live there!

    I have dreams of going back to Cornwall, which I visited a very long time ago. Your holiday sounds lovely and what a good thing you had nice weather. Anyway, welcome home!

  27. Your images are wonderful. Oh though, I've never heard of a weever fish. Spiky.

    That doughnut looked divine.

  28. No Faye, the cottage we stayed in isn't pictured. It was very nice though with views of the sea.

  29. Your photos are stunning. I love them all but have a soft spot for ... no, not the doughnut... the window box!

    Many years ago I stood on a stingray on the coast of California (yes, I am showing off ;-) and the lifeguards were very (tanned and fit) helpful with a bucket of scalding hot water. I ended up going to the ER though and spending all my earnings on medical insurance.

    Your holidays looked absolutely perfect.


    ps September is going to be fun!

  30. Hailing from Cornwall myself and wishing to be back there, your photos reminded me what I am missing each day! It will happen one day!

    And on the RNLI - what's truely amazing is that ALL those guys are volunteers and many frequently risk their lives! Although clearly not the one on the beach with Katie! She was VERY unlucky...I've heard of those fish but never in 20 years stood on one. Poor thing!

  31. Lovely pics Sue, glad you had nice weather, we are off to Cornwall on Monday, but the forecast isn't looking great, but I don't care, nothing will stop me enjoying it!

  32. I am just back from a week in Cornwall too, your photographs are stunning Sue. You have captured Cornwall and it's tasty delights perfectly, thanks to Katy. I made my boys wear beach shoes, do they actually protect against Weever Fish? Or can the blighters sting through your shoes? I am not trying to score points here, but the lifeguard my boys chatted to wore incredibly skimpy speedos! You will have to take my word for it, I have no photographic evidence!

  33. I think beach shoes do protect against weever fish. We will certainly be using them next year.

  34. Stunning photos and as I used to live in Cornwall, at Boscastle, they made me feel slightly homesick!

  35. Sue, I loved seeing your holiday photos. Sorry, about your girl getting stung. Glad you are home safe and sound.

  36. wow, you take some great pics. That lifeguard looked very nice to me too heh heh.....

  37. Anonymous4:33 pm BST

    I could actually smell the sea in some of those images.. gorgeous. Who needs to fly?

  38. Lovely photos - we're just back ourselves from Cornwall - a truly special part of the country. There seems to be a lot of weever fish about - a friend of our daughter had the same experience!


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